We can all get on board with celebrating National Taco Day. The sacred holiday is celebrated to honor the taco, which according to the National Taco Day website, Americans ate more than 4.5 billion of last year. That’s a lot of tacos.

As with many holidays, people love dressing up their pets to celebrate the occasion and today was no different. Being that today is also Taco Tuesday, #TongueOutTuesday and National Vodka Day, social media had plenty to celebrate.

Take a look at these pets who definitely made the most out of their National Taco Day:

1. This cheeky chihuahua

2. This squirrel, who’s celebrating both holidays

3. This cat named Taco, dressed as a taco

To continue celebrating made up holidays… Happy National Taco Day! This is my Taco, dressed as a taco #nationaltacoday #tacocat #tacothecat

A photo posted by Christi (@christixlee23) on

4. This happy hedgehog

Let's taco 'bout how cute I am! Happy #nationaltacoday! Tag someone who's ready for

A photo posted by Lionel The Hedgehog (@lionelthehog) on

5. These appropriately-dressed pugs

It's #NationalTacoDay on #TacoTuesday! Gonna fiesta until we siesta

A photo posted by Spanky & Darla (@spankythepug) on

6. This dog who is donning a festive sombrero

7. And this kitty who has one too many sombrero choices

8. This feline who doesn’t want to share

9. This pug who not only likes tacos, but mustaches

10. This cat who had a little too much hot sauce

Celebrate the taco in your life. #NationalTacoDay #TacoTongueTuesday Toys made by @polydactylcats

A photo posted by Oliver Taco (@olivertaco) on

11. This dog who is appreciating three occasions at once

12. These dachshunds playing with taco toys

Anyone for Tacos? #tacotuesday #nationaltacoday #ddupawtographaday #bella #bailey

A photo posted by Miss Bella & Master Bailey (@bella_and_bailey_the_dachies) on

13. This pug who got a celebratory piñata

14. This dapper, poncho-wearing Husky

Taco Tuesday AND National Taco Day! This @bajaponchos seem fitting for the day! #GiveMeAllYourTacos #DoesThisHatMakeMeLookFat ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Use promo ⚜ 2HUSKETEERS ⚜ for some awesome deals: 1) $10 @BarkShop coupon with a new @BarkBox subscription. Use link in profile! 2) Free pig ear on any @BarkShop purchase 3) 10% off at @NaturalDogCompany Check 'em out! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #2husketeers #dogs #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #husky #siberianhusky #huskiesofinstagram #huskiesofig #allthingshusky #huskypics #eyes #justhuskies #bestdayever #smile #huskyeyes #happy #justhuskies this is our entry to #happiestpetcontest hosted by @a_husky_life @husky_bellarina @lili.in.the.city #imbramblesfriend This is our entry to #tinyheartmodel search for @ohtinyheart and we would make great dog models because we love taking high quality photos, have blue beg worthy eyes, love helping businesses, and have lots of followers to see our posts! #tacotuesday #nationaltacoday #poncho #sombrero #doginahat #hilarious

A photo posted by Nika & Kira (@2husketeers) on

15. This cat, whose favorite holiday is obviously Taco Day

"National Taco Day is basically like Christmas morning for me." – Dennis

A photo posted by Dennis (@mycatdennis) on

16. This foodie dog who knows how to celebrate in style

Did someone say #nationaltacoday? These fried shrimp tacos from @mariscosjalisco are some of our fave! #popeyethefoodie

A photo posted by Popeye The Foodie Dog (@popeyethefoodie) on

17. This dog who has a taco feast

18. This little ham who is dressed as a taco

Happy #nationaltacoday from the lil ham! #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahuasofig

A photo posted by Hannah (@cybernova) on

19. This little taco model

20. This Goldendoodle, who’s ready to party

Whatcha TACOing about? I heard its #nationaltacoday #tacotuesday #

A photo posted by Mack The Goldendoodle (@therealmackdoodle) on

21. This tiny kitty, who’s about to get a taco hangover

22. This tiny tacocat

23. And this tiny taco dog, who is having none of your shenanigans

Karma is coming for me and I'm ready. #NationalTacoDay #TacoTuesday #

A photo posted by Kelly Rippin (@kellyrippinnews) on

24. This shy taco-wearing French bulldog

When you're all dressed up to celebrate #NationalTacoDay but your friends have to work #TacoTuesday #sadtaco

A photo posted by Vince – Frenchie in Cincinnati (@vincecincy) on

25. This cute little foodie

26. This informative feline

27. This dog who is taco-ed out

28. This cat, who’s getting all the noms

29. This dog who can’t wait to celebrate

it's almost lunch time which means it's almost taco time!! happy #nationaltacoday and #tacotuesday my friends

A video posted by Porter the Golden Retriever (@porter_the_golden) on

30. And this adorable taquito

Y'all. He gave up on the puppy life to become a taco. #nationaltacoday

A photo posted by Frannie Villejoin (@frannievillejoin) on

What are you doing to celebrate National Taco Day? Did you dress up your pet? Sound off in the comments section below!

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