Once upon of time, EA Sports had a virtual strangle hold on the sports gaming industry, and all those who challenged them were desperate wannabes.

But now, 2K Sports has clearly passed EA by, first with its NBA 2K series, and now, with its WWE 2K series. With WWE 2K15, 2K Sports has once again changed and revolutionized the sports game landscape with a looks-like-the real thing simulator that looks just like you’re playing the real thing instead of a video game.

In WWE 2K15, 2K sports added a career mode for the first time ever in its WWE franchise, and it is equipped with a character creation tool that will allow players to insert themselves into the world of the WWE, and wrestle their favorite characters like John Cena and Triple H. The career mode has always been a highlight of the NBA 2K franchise, and it looks even better on WWE. Other features on the newest WWE installment includes a history section that will allow the player to relive the historic moments of the WWE.

According to IGN.comthe history option will be a treat for fans who knows the history of the WWE. Vincent Ingenito of IGN told Bleacher Report:

“The two rivalries will be explored at near documentary-levels detail across 33 matches, with tons of video packages and archival footage providing context. Much like last year’s 30 Years of Wrestlemania, each match will feature historic objectives, rewarding you for your knowledge of, and your ability to replicate the key beats of the real-life matches.”

Another cool aspect of WWE 2K15 will be the Career Invasion, which is already generating tons of buzz according to Bleacher Report. The Career Invasion will allow players to compete with friends at random, which will create a nice co-op experience with friends.

The release date for WWE 2K15 is Oct. 28.

[Photo Credit: Simon Q]