Ah, Election Day. When millions of Americans get out to the polls to exercise their civic responsibility and vote in the next crop of public servants to do the people’s work for a couple more years.

Okay, okay, stop laughing. Sure, according to the Pew Research Center, human turnout in midterm elections has been consistently below 50% for more than 60 years. But there are still some out there who aren’t so cynical about voting.

Yes, I’m talking about cats. The civically minded demographic the pollsters keep forgetting about.

Don’t believe me? Two years ago, Hank the Cat made a spirited run for the U.S. Senate from Virginia.

Sadly, Hank did not win. Sadder still, Hank passed away earlier this year.

But in the spirit of Hank and other patriotic felines, here are 24 cats who are probably more likely to cast a ballot this Election Day than most Americans.

1. These cats lined up on Election Day 2012. But for Obama or Romney?

2. This cat was definitely on the Obama bandwagon in ’12.

Via: Jerry Coyne


3. This kitty is eager to vote.

Via: floppycats.com


4. Definitely an Obamacat. But will he turn out in the midterms?

Via: The Maine Coon Revolution Newsletter


5. Obama’s campaign actually made a strong push for the cat vote.

Via: ModernCat.net


6. Big fan of Obama’s speeches.

Via: Cats For Obama


7. She nabbed an invite to the Feline Inaugural Ball in 2009.

Via: Cats for Obama


8. Like owner, like cat.

Via: Zee & Zoey’s Chronicle Collection


9. He early voted! Will you even vote?

Via: Daily Dot


10. He’s also going as Obama for Halloween.

Via: Cats for Obama


11. Feminist cats were strong supporters of the women’s suffrage movement.

Via: Cat Wisdom 101


12. Gearing up for a 2016 comeback?

Via WeKnowMemes


13. Tired of rats? Vote Morris.

Via: Design You Trust


14. This cat works the polls every Election Day.

Via: Feline Underground


15. Disaffected cat voter. Maybe you can relate?

Via: EndlessPicDump


16. Desperate cat-idate.

Via: Cat Chat with Caren and Cody


17. Cats for the Second Amendment.

Via: HD Wallpapers


18. Tuxedo Stan is bringing style back to politics. Is he Canada’s JFK?

Via: Ithaca College


19. Senator Felix at an Obama rally. He has a tough reelection campaign on his hands.

Via: ReaganPlusCats


20. Hipster cat is a total liberal.

Via: Feminaust.org


21. Reagan Democats.

Via: MustLoveCats


22. ‘Muricat.

Via: Purrington Post


23. Tory cat endorses the GOP this year.

Via: Buzzfeed


24. Ghost of Socks. In Chicago, anyway.

Via: Catster


So who’s your cat voting for on Election Day?

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