A selection of the top moments that took social media by force, this years awards not only broke a record, but broke a social media platform in the process.

Not only that but the live feed from the website also spent much of its time down due to a traffic overload. If nothing else this certainly speaks volumes for the popularity for the Oscars in 2014. So here are a few highlights;

  • Social media favors Gravity. With the film picking up a good tally of awards especially for its cinematography which is literally out of this world.
  • To help out, Nasa joined in with #Gravity to share a selection of #RealGravity images taken from Space that are simply breathtaking, such as this one below.

  • #PoorLeo is trending, the following and support for Leonardo DeCaprio is huge. Notice that that guy who ‘shoulda’ won is trending but for Matthew McConaughey (who did win best actor) there is no trending hashtag for him.
  • Ellen DeGeneres creates a super celeb selfie that gets more retweets than Obama. Currently over the two million marque.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch jumps really REALLY high to create an epic photobomb.

Oscars photobomb

  • Pharrell gets everyone happy during his song Happy, even getting a dance with Meryl Streep.

  • Cate Blanchett takes the best actress award and tells Julia Roberts to ‘ hashtag suck it’. But wouldn’t elaborate any further. Yes she really said hashtag… out loud.
  • Jennifer Lawrence falls over…again.

Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. [Via YahooEntertainment]

Image source (image http://yahoopop.tumblr.com/)