Love movies beyond the 100 Crore club then you might have watched movies made by British-American film director, screenwriter, and producer Christopher Jonathan James Nolan. Known as one of the “most innovative storytellers and image makers at work in movies today”, he is credited with directing movies such as Memento, Insomnia, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception. The man who has created several of the most successful films of the early 21st century is trending on Twitter in India, reason being his forthcoming visit to the country.

The renowned director will visit India in December to address the annual cultural festival ‘Mood Indigo’ organized by students of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai. Known as Asia’s largest college cultural festival, the 44th edition of the festival will start from the 26th-29th December 2014.

According to the Twitter post made by the organizers of the festival, Christopher Nolan would be at the event on 28th December. The same news was shared on Facebook and the post has been shared by close to 6K people and liked by 15K.


A big news for those who love his work and the creative minds who aspire to tell stories like he does on the 70 mm screen. Even though the director has not asked his fans to show their creative brilliance with Photoshop like Tennis player Roger Federer did (The 11 Most Creative #PhotoshopRF Images Of Roger Federer), #NolanInIndia has been trending at the top of the Twitter trends since early morning.

Below listed are 20 such tweets that are sure to crack you up on #NolanInIndia:

Image credit: Facebook