Indian Railway Ministry Facebook

The funny folks on Twitter are at it again. While the Indian Railway Ministry has finally announced the much-awaited Rail Budget of 2015 calling it a dream rail budget, the opposition is angry that no new trains have been announced. But they can rest assured as Twitter comedians have announced some new trains.

The target, as usual are ‘Celebs’. Hashtag #CelebTrains is spreading like wildfire on Twitter while throwing light on how funny Indians can really get! We do not know who posted the first tweet, but India trends on Twitter has #CelebTrains trailing #RailBudget2015 which is at the topmost spot, and probably will stay at the top till the country is talking about the rail budget and new trains.

Hashtag #CelebTrains has trains you wouldn’t fancy a rail journey on, from Manmohan Singh silent Express to Rajinikanth Express that can drop you at two stations at same time, Twitter folks are having a blast creating some really hilarious #CelebTrains: