Disney is working their magic with the unveiling of their newest app. On Tuesday, Feb. 25, Walt Disney Studios announced their new free app called Disney Movies Anywhere, which allows Apple users to access movies on the go on their devices. Users have access to a plethora of movie choices—from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and of course the classics.

Using most Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and also the web, you can browse hundreds of movies. Just by signing up, you also get a free movie, “The Incredibles.” From there, users can buy their favorites movies for around $4.99 to $19.99 on average, preview the movie, and also gain access to iTunes extras the next time you connect to your computer. This new form of digital release allows much more freedom in finding and buying/renting your favorite movies. Certain classic titles that happen to be in the Disney vault, though not all, are unfortunately not available to purchase. The movies you purchase can also be viewed from any of the aforementioned Apple devices…anytime.

So this is another pretty big step for Disney. Pretty sure this is how some Disney characters would be reacting upon hearing this news…


1. Wait…it’s FREE?!

reaction excited gif

2. Well, okay now I need to go exploring this app for myself

3. Time for a happy dance

4. Just keep dancing…

5. It’s opening up whole new doors

disney MY EDIT frozen disney frozen elsa

6. BAM!

7. We just can’t control ourselves

8. Just writing down every single movie title needed

9. Friends have got your back if you’re feeling overwhelmed by excitement

10. Don’t close your eyes…you might miss something

11. Pretty self-explanatory

12. Can’t.Contain.Emotions.

13. Just admit that you’re obsessed

14. Hey, even the crocodiles are making a splash about it

15. Even the classics are excited

16. I think this calls for some singing

17. YAY!

18. I’m ready for this

19. They’re tail-waggin’ happy

20. We can’t handle all this excitement.

Keeping an eye on you, Disney.

What do you think about this new app? Will you be using it?

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