Prepare to swoon, ladies! Ben Higgins has officially been announced as the new bachelor. The charming, 6’4″ 26-year old will be gracing the televisions of fans all around in season 20 of “The Bachelor.” Higgins was part of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette” and captured the hearts of many. He made it to the final three, but was ultimately eliminated the week before the finale.

Us Weekly exclusively announced earlier this month that Higgins would be the next bachelor, however, it was not officially confirmed until Aug. 24 during the special “After Paradise.”

According to ABC, Higgins grew up in the town of Warsaw, Indiana but currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Some of his interests include cooking, sports, hiking and more. He is also an ardent traveler and passionate adventurer.

Here are 14 reasons why Ben will be the quintessential bachelor:

1. He is a total gentleman

After all the drama that Kaitlyn Bristowe endured last season, including cyberbullying, Ben stood by her. He said multiple times, including the night of the Men Tell All, that he was glad that Kaitlyn was his bachelorette.

2. He is not afraid to speak his mind

He fired back at Corey, who was eliminated week five, at the Men Tell All. When Corey agreed with Ian that Kaitlyn was a horrible bachelorette, Ben retorted back, questioning him as to how many weeks he was there. Basically, speaking up to say that Corey had no place saying anything disrespectful.

3. He has a good sense of humor

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to show off much of that humor during “The Bachelorette.”

4. He is a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE


5. He is very open about his feelings and fears

During a one-on-one date with Kaitlyn last season, he expressed to her one of his biggest fears, explaining, “The idea that you could be not loved back or maybe possibly unlovable.” Being open to those types of conversations makes for a great bachelor.

Fans, of course, did not agree with his sentiment of being “unlovable”

6. He can rock a suit

But he could also rock an outdoor date too. 

A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

7. He has no problem showing off his dance moves

He could two-step his way right into a woman’s heart.

He has even returned to Gruene Hall, where the original date was held

Came back to reminisce, very few places that I like more than #GrueneHall A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

8. This Timehop

That is all.

9. He is super family oriented

Home is where one starts from. -T. S. Eliot. A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

10. Friendship is also very important to him

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So many bromances, so little time.

11. He shares beautiful photos from his many adventures

A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

A photo posted by Ben Higgins (@higgins.ben) on

12. Speaking of which, he has gone on some extraordinary adventures

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He has traveled to both Peru and Honduras and will be returning to Honduras in September through the Humanity & Hope United Foundation.

According to ABC, Ben has “worked at a zoo in Peru, traveled through the jungles of Bolivia, and even hiked the spiritual trails of famed Machu Picchu.” *swoon*

13. He already has fans

He retweeted it, along with the caption, “I promise I didn’t do this for a free meal but thank you very much for getting my dinner.”

14. And finally, he is just an all-around good guy

Ben Higgins will charm fans once again when “The Bachelor” Season 20 premieres January 2016.

Are you happy that Ben is the next bachelor?