Tonight, the eye of the shark…I mean, storm returns to TV. “Sharknado 2” will be premiering tonight on the Syfy channel at 9 p.m. Now, for those who haven’t seen the first movie (like me) it’s pretty hilariously horrible, or so I’ve heard. As the first movie was set in Los Angeles, the sharknado now shifts to the heart of New York City. Whether you think the original was good, bad or indifferent, it did cause quite a social media stir. TIME wrote earlier that the first movie brought in 5,000 tweets per minute. Will the sharknado strike Twitter again tonight?

While you wait for the premiere, take a look at some of the funniest memes and get ready for the storm that is sharknado.

1. Weather Report

A possibility of wind with a 100 percent chance of sharks!

2. Sharknado vs. Polar Vortex

3. Climate Change

4. Cosplay

5. Bunado

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

6. Hilariously stupid or genius?

7. McDonald’s Storm

Supersize the storm!

8. Demonstration of power

9. Overly Manly Man

10. Spongebob

Hilariously horrifying or hilariously bad?

11. Sharks…

Or is it…

Colbert Is Asking the Tough Questions

Will you be watching “Sharknado 2” tonight?

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