A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy who confessed to murdering a 90-year-old woman will be charged as an adult, the Wayne County District Attorney’s office has confirmed.

Tristen Kurilla was visiting his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, on Saturday at his home in Tyler Hill. Virbitsky was a caregiver for the victim, Helen Novak.

During his visit, Kurilla went into Novak’s room to ask a question. According to police, Novak yelled at him to leave the room.

Kurilla, who as reportedly “very mad,” left the room and found a wooden cane. He re-entered the room and hooked the cane around Novak’s head and pulled back. Then, he punched her in the throat four or five times. Finally, he punched her five times in the stomach.

Kurilla told his mother what he had done. That’s when she contacted the police.

Eventually, the boy confessed his crime to the authorities during an interview.

“I killed that lady,” he reportedly told police.”I was only trying to hurt her.”

An autopsy was performed on Novak on Monday. Her death was ruled a homicide. That’s when the police formally charged him.

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania does not allow for juveniles to be charged with homicide. Therefore, Kurilla will be charged as an adult.

Kurilla remains in custody at the Wayne County Correctional Facility. No bail has been set.

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