Even though this season’s “Bachelorette” didn’t end with an announcement for the next bachelor, there were definite hints to the fact that Chris Soules will be the next bachelor. (Hint, hint the cheers and applause any time Harrison mentioned him in the finale) Hollywood Life exclusively announced last month that Chris was named the next bachelor. Chris is from this season’s “Bachelorette” and was in the final three, sent home during fantasy suite dates. Small town farmer, he was a favorite among the crowds and definitely wouldn’t have many complaints as the next bachelor. Here are 10 reasons why Chris would make the next great bachelor:

1. As Andi Dorfman would say, he’s hot.

Yeah, it’s true.

2. As evidenced through Twitter, many girls would be acting like this:

3. He’s not arrogant and actually seems pretty kind.

He’s no John Bender. (Attitude-wise)

4. It seems like half of people’s reactions would go something like this every week.

5. And the other half would go something like this.

“Why didn’t I audition?”

6. Chris and some lucky lady could go riding on his tractor

7. Small-town guys, much like Chris, can be great.

Nicholas Sparks story, anyone?

8. There’s this:

Tractor selfies!

9. He’s super charming.

 10. Grumpy Cat approves

Even though it may not look like it from the outside

Was Chris your pick for next bachelor?