There were definitely some big winners during the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night, and not just the kind that you might expect. Here are the top winners of the evening:

Jared Leto – Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Dallas Buyers Club


Lupita Nyong’o – Best Actress in a Supporting Role

12 Years a Slave


Cate Blanchett – Best Actress in a Leading Role

Blue Jasmine

Matthew McConaughey – Best Actor in a Leading Role

Dallas Buyers Club

Frozen – Best Animated Film

Robert Lopez Joins Elite EGOT as Youngest Member

Frozen’s “Let It Go”


12 Years a Slave – Best Picture


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 … maybe?

Samsung was a sponsor for the Oscars this year, and Ellen was frequently seen with her Galaxy Note 3 in plain view of the camera. Nice product placement — especially since the Galaxy Note 3 will now be known as the phone that took the world’s most re-tweeted picture of all time.


Gizmodo astutely noted that Ellen’s backstage pictures were being taken with Twitter for iPhone, however. But it’s okay, Samsung. You definitely still have the most epic selfie ever.

Twitter breaks because of the Celebrity Selfie

While many people experienced trouble with Twitter throughout the evening (usually when Ellen had her phone out and was tweeting), the biggest “crash” came after the celebrity selfie was tweeted, with users rushing to the site to see and help retweet it.

The Famous Celebrity Selfie

The Celebrity Selfie included Jared Leto, Jennifer Lawrence, Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o and her brother, Bradley Cooper, and, of course, Ellen DeGeneres.

What was your favorite part of the 2014 Oscars? 

As of this writing, Ellen’s celebrity selfie has decimated the previous record (held by Barack Obama for his “Four more years” tweet in 2012) and now has over 2 million retweets in approximately 2 hours.

After noting that they received an email that they’d broken Twitter, Ellen replied, “See what we did, Meryl?”