Jonathan Becher of SAP heads the list of the Top 20 Social CMOs of Fortune 250 companies. Learn what sets these leaders apart from their peers.

Top 20 Social CMOsVala Afshar was inspired to do some research of his own after reading a recent Forbes post naming Twitter the fastest growing social platform in the world. That came as small surprise, given the 714% growth rate in the number of active Twitter users since July 2009.

What he found more disturbing was the number of Fortune 500 companies who are missing in action from social media. A recent MIT Sloan Management Review post noted that, while the trend was moving in the right direction, 23% of Fortune 500 firms still did not have a presence on either Facebook or Twitter during 2012.

Digging Deeper: What Does It Mean To Be Social?

Vala AfsharMr. Afshar, the CMO and Chief Customer Officer of Enterasys Networks, decided it was time to dig a little deeper. He began profiling the top tier companies in the Fortune list to determine the social presence of their Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). The result was eye-opening:

“According to my research, Fortune 500 companies may be more social, but their CMOs are not — with a few exceptions”

Here’s what he found:

  • Less than 20% of the Fortune 250 companies have CMOs on Twitter
  • Of that 20%, more than half were infrequent contributors to Twitter with below average Klout and Kred scores
  • Top 20 social CMOs of the Fortune 250 companies (Name, @Twitter alias, Company) are exemplars of what it means to be a leader in a social world:

1. Jonathan Becher (@jbecher) — SAP
2. Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock) — General Electric
3. Jon Iwata (@coastw) — IBM
4. Kathy Savitt (@ksavitt) — Yahoo
5. Nikesh Arora (@nikesharora) — Google
6. Karen Quintos (@KarenDellCMO) — Dell
7. Jeffrey Jones (@jjones) — Target
8. Chris Capossela (@chriscapossela) — Microsoft
9. Ken Cohen (@KenPCohen) — Exxon Mobile
10. Jeremy Burton (@jburton) — EMC
11. Christa Carone (@christacarone) — Xerox
12. Blair Christie (@BlairChristie) — Cisco Systems
13. Pam Wickham (@PamWickham1) — Raytheon
14. Seth Farbman (@sethfarbman) — Gap
15. Mark W. Addicks (@MarkAddicks) — General Mills
16. Michael W. Zuna (@mzuna) — Aflac
17. Jeffrey A. Hirsch (@JeffreyAHirsch) — Time Warner Cable
18. Eduardo Conrado (@conradoeduardo) — Motorola Mobility Holdings
19. Anand Chandrasekher (@achandrasekher) — Qualcomm
20. Kimberly Kadlec (@kkadlec17) — Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Afshar concludes that with nearly one out of four big companies still ignoring both Twitter and Facebook, the Fortune 500 have miles to go before they fully embrace social media. That’s why I join him in applauding the 20 CMOs who stand out as social role models.

Jonathan Becher Heads the List of the Top 20 Social CMOs

Jonathan Becher, SAPI’m particularly pleased to see Jonathan Becher, SAP’s Chief Marketing Officer, at the head of the Fortune list of CMOs who are personally engaged on social media.

No neophyte when it comes to social media, Mr. Becher has been publishing his personal blog, Manage By Walking Around, since 2006 and is a frequent contributor to both SAPVoice on Forbes and Business Innovation from SAP.

Congratulations to Mr. Becher and all of the top 20 social CMOs of the Fortune 250 – I’ll be seeing you on Twitter!


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