stickynoteConsider this a wee lil’ sticky-note about stickiness.

When it comes to technology investments and employee engagement, sticky is what it’s all about.

Stickiness means that your employees are hooked and keep coming back.  An employee who’s “stuck” doesn’t need to be bombarded with reminders to use the technology investment you’re promoting – he’s going to seek it out himself and advocate it to others.  Sticky is the cure for software collecting dust and having to explain why you thought the investment was so important in the first place. Stickiness saves your job.

I’m stuck on stickiness today because of some feedback I just heard.

One of the sticky things about Causecast’s corporate volunteering and giving platform is that we send out a year-end donation summary statement to every employee using the system.  We’ve prided ourselves on making the entire donation process, from giving to year-end reconciliation, incredibly easy for all employees to use and track.  By making everything seamless, our clients have encouraged their employees to do all of their giving through our site.  Sending out an automatic donation history to each employee every year is one more way that we can stay close to employees and remind them why they should use our platform and love us.

Well the reviews are in.  We just sent out these donation summaries and I’ve been hearing from several clients that they’re really appreciated by management and employees alike, for so many reasons.  Few people recognized before what this would do to enhance the employee experience and help build stickiness for the platform.  Especially if you proactively issue these reports rather than making it an “on-demand” exercise where employees have to log-in and download the reports themselves.

Question: “Can you just do this for me?”

Un-sticky answer: “No, but let me walk you through the steps.”

Sticky answer: “Of course!”

So many companies have issues with technology investments — you buy it, and nobody uses it, now what do you do?  Whether it’s a volunteer platform or some other kind of software, sticky technology can drive engagement with your employees so you get more value out of your platform investment.  If the technology you’re buying and promoting within your company isn’t sticky, it’s going to be up to you to chase after your employees and force them to use it.

Don’t add “begging” to your job description.  Make sure that your technology investments sell themselves internally through stickiness, and that they all feed into a higher level of employee engagement.

So go stick that thought somewhere to keep it top of mind.