Being human means we need to laugh at ourselves online sometimes. Laughter is the point where we all find the most commonality—because we’re happy together. Humor creates moments in time when we just sit and think, and it takes our minds off of things that are not going so well or where we’re experiencing challenges.

We all face worries or stresses every day. Humor takes that off your plate—even if just for a little while. It’s why we go to see comedians, because we want to remove ourselves from those cares. Making fun of life and the things that weigh us down entertains us. It makes us feel ok with ourselves–relieved that we’re not the only one who feels this way. And it feels great to laugh!humor

Brand experiences built around happiness and joy aren’t new—we’ve been developing them since the Mad-Men days. I think it’s important to take that concept into sharing because it allows us to create magical moments—the kind that cement the idea in our customers’ minds that we’re fun to be around.

Who wants to be known as a brand that’s always serious? We all want to be human brands—and be relaxed enough to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

To me humor is an essential element to being more human online because it’s another way that we normally connect as people in real life. People have shared humorous situations since the beginning of time, and across all communication mediums.

When employed in the right context and as a part of your planned content strategy, humor can cement bonds, ease tension, even help smooth the way for collaboration. As with other types of content, context is important, and timing is important, so experiment and find the best mix for you or your company, but don’t leave humor out—it’s an essential part of being human.