Pinterest and Instagram – Which One is Better for Marketing?

pinterest _ instagram_susan_gilbertBoth Pinterest and Instagram have exploded in the last few years to become leading marketing tools in social media for brands and businesses. But engaging on each of these is not enough to grow your networks. Are you asking yourself either of these questions?

Is my social media marketing achieving great results?

How can I greatly increase my followers and engagement?

It’s important to understand the difference between these two image based social media platforms; and, how to effectively share content for the best results.

1. Instagram interactions are higher than Pinterest

When posting an image to both social networks with the use of hashtags Instagram comes up on top with the most engagement and longevity of keywords in search. Pinterest content tends to move quickly, but their new intuitive search feature helps you to hone in on the pins that you are looking for.


The re-pin feature on Pinterest helps in recirculating content, whereas Instagram posts need to be shared with separate app, making this more of a challenge. It’s important to post quality images and video on both networks for the most engagement and shares.

2. Communication style varies on each network

It’s good practice to pay attention to the conversation style on Instagram and Pinterest, and understand how to post content and reply in order to reach the most users. The focus on Instagram is more personal with communication between followers. Pinterest is more open to public comments and sharing, and less follower inclusive.

3. Pinterest is great for referral traffic

This is one area that many brands and businesses need to be creative with on Instagram, whereas Pinterest makes it easy to drive visitors to your website. The details of a pin with a prominent website link is the key to success here, and include a hyperlink. These can be included in Instagram posts as well, but without the live link to click on.


Links on Pinterest can be generated simply by pinning from any blog post, which makes content sharing easy versus creating a direct post on Instagram, which is great way to increase visibility and awareness.

4. Influence rules for both Instagram and Pinterest

Connecting with leaders in your market is easier to do on both networks as opposed to places like Facebook and Twitter. As your profiles expand so does your company’s reach, which is due in large part to the growth of both of these platforms. According to eBizMBA Pinterest came out last year as number four with Instagram at number 7:


Both Instagram and Pinterest are powerful marketing tools with advantages for each.

Make these social networks a regular part of your business social strategy, and attract new subscribers and brand awareness. While both may have their differences their popularity and growth make these networks a great place to engage with a wider audience as well.