mindfulness in social media

The concept of mindfulness in business is not new, but in this age of complexity it can’t be over-emphasized that we need more of it. Especially in social media, taking the time to actively notice what’s going on before engaging can lead to a more focused, enlightening and productive experience for everyone.

When you take time to really listen you’re gifted with new perspective on what’s happening around you. What your customers want. What your business and your family needs. What YOU need. You’re also more open to adapting your current beliefs by taking the perspective of others into consideration before you make decisions. This is a trait of many respected leaders. Thought leaders listen first and act thoughtfully and with more than average insight.

How does mindfulness manifest in a social business?
With a little focused attention you’ll quickly see the benefits.

  • Better awareness of the needs of your market
  • Seeing changes in the marketplace more quickly
  • Responding to issues within your company or customer feedback online before things get out of hand
  • Develop deeper relationships
  • Greater awareness of what generates positive reactions to what you post online
  • The ability to be generous with your knowledge and praise for others’

Doesn’t all this being mindful take too much energy?
Rather than an energy suck, being mindful can help you be more responsive and sensitive to what’s going on around you and spend less time reacting on auto pilot (and then repairing the damage). Instead of letting the cacophony of social media and business matters drive you, take control of what you allow to be important.

Knee jerk reactions to a flame war on Twitter are not going to make things better. Taking a moment to step back for perspective, creating a little space between your emotions and the keyboard can make a huge difference in how your business is perceived by others. Trust me, taking back negative comments posted in the heat of a flame war is going to be much harder than taking a breath, looking at things with a fresh perspective and responding mindfully.

I love this talk from Loic Le Meur at Wisdom 2.0. He says the more technology we have, the more we interact on social networks, get emails and text messages, the more we need to slow down. I agree wholeheartedly.

It’s about people, not numbers
So much of what we see businesses doing on social media these days is about building fans, follows, connections and leads. How many times do we have to tell you that being a social business is about relationships and not numbers? I want a brand to see me as a person, not fan #23,406,204.

Pure Matter’s Bryan Kramer says: “As our businesses become more complex, it’s up to all of us to work harder at humanizing our approach in everything we do. “ As social businesses interact more on a human level we can interact more naturally and listen to each other our own inner voices. Business people who practice mindful business and learn to listen and connect with those around them create deeper and stronger relationships. Mindfulness should be at the core of your strategy for a social business.