Audience growth and popularity of social networks is very conspicuous nowadays. And a clear and steady increase in the cost of clicks makes us approach the targeted advertising with a more efficient and reasonable point. We want to share some tips that have been acquired by experience only, and will help to conduct advertising campaigns with higher efficiency.


CTR is one of the main parameters influencing the success of any advertising campaign. The higher the CTR is the lower the cost of a click. It would seem simple. But achievement of high performance in the first places requires considerable experience in advertising campaigns. But we can definitely state that attractive image on advertising banner, catchy title and correctly selected target audience – can give you what you want.

2. Image

Always choose quality and meaningful images for the ads. More than 80% of users first and foremost pay attention to the image. Intrigued, the user moves to the reading of the title.

3. Headline

Always use special words which are called “magnets” (discount, the action, staggering, etc.) in the headlines; questions, statements, calls to action, the benefits of your product or service – in general, anything that would make the emotional component for the user.

4. Target audience

Choosing the right audience for the advertising campaign is half the battle. Best option is to work on the target groups and on the interests of users. Also, if you know where your audience is located geographically – use the targeting by cities, districts, streets, down to the subway station. Also, the choice of age in the audience greatly influences the formation of a pool of your target audience. However, the choice of the city and narrowing the age gap increases to a lesser extent the recommended rate for ads. Analyze your successful ads, look at the records who, at what age and what cities is interested in your ad – and in future you will have no difficulty with target audience definition.

5. Mistakes

Do not make grammatical mistakes in the headlines and text ads, which can lead to distortion of the perception of advertising offers. Practice shows that mistakes sometimes cause confusion in users and increase the number of unnecessary clicks.

6. Ads “weariness”

Almost every ad has a so-called conditional period of life. That is, starting at the initial stage, it is of interest for many users and is popular. But after a certain time (usually 3-6 days), ads effectiveness begins to decline significantly, for quite understandable reasons – become familiar announcement, the majority has already passed through an advertising proposal, which subsequently leads to an increase in the value of clicks and reduce the scope of the audience. To avoid this, every two or three days you need to add new and cut off the underperforming ads. This allows you to always keep your advertising campaigns in good shape.

7. Track the effectiveness

We strongly recommend to always mark each ad with special utm tags, which subsequently give an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign – namely, the level of involvement and interest of the audience, time spent on the site, the number of committed purchases, average check, the average value of each new user of the social network, and many others. This approach will give an opportunity to evaluate each individual ad and save invaluable information on the use of targeting options that lead to the maximum ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Thus, using at least one of these tips and applying them in practice will make your advertising campaigns much more efficient.