struggle to attract new clientsIt’s no secret as a small business it can be a daunting task to get customers to engage with your website as much as one would like. The consequential nature of low visitor numbers is detrimental to the happiness of you and your client. Just over 30 percent of small businesses that get new clients online are happy with the results of their efforts. With the amount of time and money the majority of small businesses spend on their website, it’s only logical that one would want to maximize their visitors to the site.

According to a poll, by yCita, just 30.8 percent of small-business owners in North America were satisfied with the volume of new clients they got online. The remaining 45.9 percent said they needed improvement, and 16.4 percent were unsatisfied altogether.

The benefits of engagement via your website is better brand engagement and increased conversions.

Even though there is a profusion of businesses that were less than satisfied, the majority of businesses still saw an uptick in clients coming to their website. It was just under seven percent that said they lacked an audience on their website. Upon more research, it was discovered that small business visibility was suffering because there was not enough importance placed on the success of their website.

Just over half of new clients will become involved with small businesses online via their website. 72.3 percent also specify the email and 64.2 percent indicate phone engagement was commonplace in soliciting new clients.

The ratio of new or existing clients that engaged the website of the small business said they did so weekly or bi-weekly, but had trouble getting them to visit the site more than that. In total 17.9 percent of businesses never get engagement with new or exciting clients by way of their websites.

Among the top priority for small businesses has always been increasing marketing and brand awareness. 2015 is no different. Eweek found that 35 percent of small businesses struggle with this part of their marketing strategy. The digital revolution started over 20 years ago, and it’s just getting stronger. The online consumer is ever ready to absorb new information and unconsciously search for products or services that will add value to their everyday lives. Digital engagement is achieved through the right tactics. Are yours getting the job done?