Video Interview: A Solopreneur Fairy Tale

It’s not work, it’s fun. I mean, it’s just what I love to do. I get to sit around all day and talk and write about my favorite thing (Walt Disney World). The whole thing is just a dream job. It really is. If I would have laid out my life, I couldn’t have laid it out any better than what turned out.

In 2018, Carl Trent celebrates his 10th anniversary as the “Disney Dad.” Since he was 4 years old, Carl was fascinated by Walt Disney. He even wrote high school papers about Disney. This passion stayed with Carl all his life. When he approached (early) retirement, he knew he wanted to “do something” centered on Disney.

More specifically, he wanted to help people get the most out of their trip to Walt Disney World.

First, he dabbled a bit as a part-time Disney Travel Agent. For various reasons, this didn’t work out so well. Then he found Solo Build It!. Carl thought to himself: “Build a website around my passion, and make money with it? Heck, yeah!” was born. 10 years later, Carl’s “side hustle” has grown into a flourishing business with a team of 50 people.

Most solopreneurs don’t grow their online business that large. They prefer to keep it simple and “fly solo.” And that’s perfectly fine. The beauty of running an online business is that you have that choice – stay small or grow big.

Carl started small as well. He still had his full time job and worked on his site in his spare time. He did all the work himself, as he explains around the 24 minute mark in the video. At that time, Carl didn’t realize that he’d be growing his web-based business into a mid-sized enterprise with a large team.

If you’re thinking that you’d prefer to keep your business small, perhaps adding in a part-time Virtual Assistant – maybe even a full-time employee as you grow in size and confidence – that’s fine. SBI! shows you how to do that, too.

So don’t be intimidated by what Carl has achieved – the most important step he took was to just get started.

Now, that said, something happened to Carl…

He discovered his “inner entrepreneur.”

An unknown gear shifted him into full-time entrepreneur mode. Carl talks about reaching that “tipping point” at the 27 minute mark.

Who knows – that shift might come for you, too! It’s an exciting journey, and if you have a hidden entrepreneur inside you, SBI! enables you to discover and nourish it. Beyond that, what Carl has achieved amazes us as much (perhaps more) than it does you.

Once Carl had reached that tipping point, he knew he needed help. He wasn’t good with outsourcing though, as he told us in our first video interview in 2015. Instead, he believes in building teams.

How he built his team, and why he thinks a great team is such a crucial element to his (and your!) business success, is one of the highlights of our conversation with Carl.

Other highlights in our 30 minute video interview include Carl’s take on Facebook groups versus pages, how he uses live broadcasting to grow his audience, and why choosing the right web host is so important.



With passion, hard work and lots of fun, Carl built his dream retirement business. While it sounds like a fairy tale, there’s no magic involved. All you need is an idea, a can-do attitude and the motivation to succeed (we call it BAM!).

What about YOU?

Whether your goals are small, medium or big – heck, perhaps you don’t even know how big your goals may get as you grow – SBI! enables you to reach them.

You bring the BAM. We’ll provide what it takes to succeed. And if you grow it beyond your wildest dreams, we’ll be right there, one of your biggest fans!