Social Networks for Small Business

The digital nation of Facebook hosts the largest, most diverse population in the world. If it were a country, it would be the most populated one on Earth. 1.39 billion people log into Facebook each month. China, the most populous country in the world comes in at 1.36 billion. This means that leveraging social networks for your small business can open up a world of opportunities. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of Facebook for your business.


Let the world know!

If you want people to like your page and receive your content, they have to know your page exists. First, make sure your page feels legitimate. Add new content regularly, or users are likely to think the page is inactive. Invite friends and current customers to like the page to get an initial following. Quick Sprout next suggests using your other social sites to promote your Facebook page. Similarly, include calls to action on your website and in your blog. This way, people who have sought out what you provide can also connect with you on Facebook to receive more updates without constantly having to check back in. Inviting people to like or share your blog posts with their Facebook networks will get your material in front of like minded people. Even if you already have an established page with a solid following, spreading your message in these ways may get your product or service in front of that one key person.

Getting likes and shares

To reach the largest audience, post material on social networks that will interest your followers  and which they will want to share with their friends. A poll of why people choose to share shows that 61% of polled users share content that they find interesting, while 30% of users share to recommend a product of service. Therefore, by knowing your target market and ideal customers, you can create and post material to speak to those demographics. HubSpot recommends following the 80-20 rule for content, meaning 80% of your posts should be helpful, entertaining, or informative, and only 20% should be a directly promoting your business. Funny content gets a lot of shares. Entrepreneur recommends taking advantage of this by using content such as memes or Youtube videos that are already viral, when appropriate. Additionally, to engage viewers Verticalresponse suggests short posts, under 80 characters, that ask questions, as this will encourage viewers to comment, noting that question posts have 92% higher comment rates. Two tips they offer to keep the following you have carefully cultivated: Don’t post too often. You want to be noticed, but don’t want to annoy your following into “unliking” your page by flooding their news feed. Second, when someone reaches out to you on your page, respond promptly to show you care!

Learn more about your followers

Facebook itself provides many tools to help you learn more about who has been engaging with your content, or what content has been the most popular. This allows you to focus more on those targeted areas. People tend to like content that re-affirms things about themselves or beliefs; because of this, you can discern identifying information such as gender, age etc. by which posts your viewers like. This can potentially expose you to new markets you had not considered.

Facebook offers vast and varying network possibilities. It is one space where you can count on a consistent, engaged audience. Make the most of your presence on this forum by following these tips for marked improvements in you consumer engagement and reach!