In honor of World Trade Month, we are partnering with the United States Department of Commerce to help your small business learn the ins and outs of exporting. Through a series of “how to” videos and tips, you’ll learn how your company can break out into new markets through the power of international trade. Check back every Tuesday in May for the latest installment.

Trade Tips Step 1: Get Ready to Export

This is a great time to break into the global marketplace. Each year, U.S. companies export more than $2 trillion of goods and services. Now small businesses are getting in on the action, and your company can, too! However, as with most new business moves, you shouldn’t dive in without first understanding the exporting landscape and doing a little planning. Here are some tactical tips on initial export planning:

The Export Process Overview

U.S. products are known for their quality, value, and customer service, and foreign buyers are noticing. Figuring out the best way to expand to new markets, however, can be challenging. This overview of the export process will help break down the steps necessary to learn how to export. Learn how to become export-ready, plan your market entry strategy, find foreign buyers, get paid, and perform the necessary research:

Are You Export Ready?

Small, medium, and large businesses all have the amazing opportunity to expand internationally, but is your company prepared to export? Before you start opening up new channels of income for your company, there are a few things to consider before beginning to export:

My Export Plan

A well thought out export plan can make the difference between generating a few international sales and achieving real business growth. Creating an export business plan requires work, but once completed it will open new markets to you worldwide and help grow your business:

Click here to learn more about how to become export-ready and to discover what other resources the Department of Commerce and Export.Gov has to offer, and check back for next week’s tips on how to Plan Your International Market Entry Strategy.