small business

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small business with no employees, or a large company. It is important that you always stay on top of industry news, and that you are always in the loop about what is going on around you. Here are the top 15 websites that you need to check out this year.


  • Facebook for Business – As a small business owner, social media is your best friend. If you use it right, you can get a lot out of it. This blog offers some great insights on how to reach out to more customers, and it can even help you to find leads and increase your customer base.
  • Google and Your Business – While this doesn’t get as many updates as Facebook’s business site, it still has plenty of information that you can use for your business. Learn how to market your business through Google, and how to make sure your business appears high on search results.
  • Yelp – While there are plenty of bad reviews on Yelp, these bad reviews can actually be good for you. You can learn a lot from the things that people don’t like, and make improvements to make sure that you keep your customers happy.


  • SCORE – This site will give you loads of free advice from amazing mentors who have plenty of experience to share. You can even meet your mentors in person, as well as get free newsletters. Learn about a number of small business topics, from office security to mobile technologies and more.
  • Lifehacker – Part of the Gawker Media empire, but a bit on the tamer side than the regular stuff. You will find information here that is going to help to improve your life, as well as your business.
  • WhichVoIP – One of the easiest ways to save your business money is by using a VoIP service to reduce your phone bills. WhichVoIP is one of the leading authorities on VoIP and contains lots of up to date information that can help you evaluate different business phone service options.
  • Entrepreneur – This is a site that is loaded with helpful guides that will help your business to grow. Information you can find includes franchising, setting work schedules with teams, finding new ways to make money, and much more.
  • Small Business Administration – This is a government branch that helps entrepreneurs. You can use this site to get funding, find employees, and a whole lot more.
  • Better Business Bureau – Learn everything you need to know about business ethics from the BBB. Demonstrate your companies credibility by getting a BBB rating.
  • Shake – This is a new site that provides information on the legalities involved in operating your own small business. Use the mobile app to create contracts that can be signed immediately. The blog will explain the legal terminology used in your contracts.

News in Business

  • CNBC Small Business – When it comes to business news, this is one of the most popular and well-known names in the industry. Articles are frequently updated, and you will find new information every time you visit.
  • Fortune – One of the changes you will notice about Fortune is the lack of ads. You no longer have to wade through ads to get to the information you really want, with topics on everything from small businesses to finance.
  • Businessweek – Find the latest business news, from economic trends to new mergers and more. This publication offers a section just for small businesses, as well as plenty of other great information.
  • Huffington Post Small Business – If you want business news in a hurry, this is the website to check out. Find short articles that anyone can read easily (not loaded with a bunch of jargon), and use this publication is a resource for your business.
  • Fast Company – This is a business publication with a focus on creativity and innovation. Find any topic about small businesses, written uniquely. Stories can range from tips for marketing on social media to profiles and more, plus there are loads of great tips you can use.