TED (short for technology, entertainment, and design) is a nonprofit foundation that is devoted to just one simple mission: the spreading of great ideas. Covering topics as varied as businesses on Main Street to life on mars, these ideas take shape in the form of short, powerful talks that are recorded and available for free. Offering a plethora of knowledge, innovation, and plain old inspiration, TED Talks are always fun to share. So without further ado, here are a few of our favorites to inspire your small business. Enjoy!

1) Gary Vaynerchuk– Do What You Love (No Excuses!)
Deemed one of the best TED Talks for entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk’s passionate discussion on loving what you do is truly motivational. Vaynerchuk argues that the rise of digital platforms, like social media and online marketing, have made the formula to success simpler now than ever. So there are no more excuses not to do what makes you happy – an inspiring token for small business owners indeed!

(Vaynerchuk truly is a character, which makes his talks particularly fun to watch, but please be aware that this video contains some adult-language).

Marketing Takeaway: Believe in your brand and build it through the simple, accessible and affordable technologies of social media marketing, email marketing, and online reviews.

2) Renny Gleeson – 404, The Story of a Page Not Found
Short and sweet, this talk offers very useful advice on how small business owners can make lemons out of lemonade. Gleeson, creative strategist, tells the story of a competition that had startups putting interesting graphics and messages on their 404 error pages. He displays examples of some of the more interesting ones that came out of the project, even some in other languages.

Marketing Takeaway: Small business owners should recognize that every error is also a marketing opportunity.

3) Seth Godin – The Tribes We Lead
In one of his most famous TED Talks to date, marketing guru and entrepreneur Seth Godin argues how technology has ended mass marketing and revived the importance of personal connections. A powerful marketing message, Godin tells us that it’s not about blasting your message to an already saturated marketplace, it is about finding your “tribe” and connecting with them on a human level that resonates.

Marketing Takeaway: The most successful companies are those that worry about connecting with their customers first and selling second.

4). Malcolm Gladwell – Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce
Realizing people don’t know what they want, Gladwell, a best-selling author, takes us on a journey through the food industry’s quest for the perfect tomato sauce. Through it we discover some interesting revelations on choice and personal happiness, namely: Quit looking for universals and start noticing human variability.

Marketing Takeaway: Understanding your target market is key. “Embracing the diversity of human beings, you will find a sure way to happiness,” says Gladwell. Indeed, you may find a sure way to sales, too.

What TED Talks are you personally inspired by? Tell us in the comments below.