If you’re burning the candle at both ends trying to be a successful entrepreneur, I want you to know that there’s an easier route for you to take. Because I’ve been there—late nights, running myself ragged, and watching my life seemingly slip in the opposite direction of my dreams. I wanted to build a life where I could be a super-engaged mom with a thriving business that offered me financial abundance and the flexibility to travel when I desired. Through the work on my journey and guiding the journeys of others, I’ve distilled the keys to success down to four specific areas: talent, income, relationships, and enjoyment.

Get Organized and Focused Around Your True TALENT

Talents are gifts that reside at the core of who we are; the trick is turning your talents into goals and making those goals a reality. Identifying an area where you have a specific talent or expertise is integral to success as an entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs, we’re challenged to see the world in a different way and to offer something new and exciting to others. The keys to turning your talents into a successful reality are to set specific goals and remain hyper-focused on them. Without focus, talented people are doomed for burnout, working too hard for too little return. Focus on doing only the things that are directly related to your talents and delegate everything else to others or systems, even if you have to expand your team to do so. When done strategically, it’s well worth the investment.

Skyrocket Your INCOME

You are worthy of abundance! Income is a tangible asset that reflects how you value yourself and your talent. Many entrepreneurs fear that by pursuing their passions, they will have to say goodbye to financial security. Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5, the promise of a steady paycheck can lull you into stagnancy if you’re not already pursuing what you’re passionate about. When you let go of that limiting belief, you open yourself up to achieving income beyond your wildest dreams! By believing that you can make major returns personally and financially as an entrepreneur, you can begin to take informed action toward creating the life of your dreams.

Focus on Meaningful RELATIONSHIPS

When it comes to entrepreneurship, success is what you know and who you know. Throughout the span of our careers, many of us are lucky enough to build a wide network of friends and mentors who truly celebrate our accomplishments. As your talents and passions inspire the paths you’ll take, you will always have the relationships you’ve made along the way. Better yet, as you build your business, having a strong professional network makes it easier to procure advice and even build a client base as you grow. Most importantly, if you don’t feel like the people you’re surrounding yourself with are supporting you on your journey, you can lovingly show them the door. You deserve a team that supports you, cheers for you, and believes in your business as much as you do.

You Deserve FUN Along the Way

What are the things you do solely for your personal enjoyment, to recharge? It could be getting in the kitchen to bake or indulging in a tough workout to challenge your strength. Whatever it is, tune in to it, because it may hold a key to making your entrepreneurial dreams your reality. Entrepreneurship isn’t only about the business; it’s also about the lifestyle you’re able to build. Time is your most important asset, so why not commit to giving yourself the freedom to spend your time doing things you truly enjoy? Putting joy in the center of your life may require a massive shift from the way you’re currently living, but it’s absolutely necessary when building the life of your dreams.

I am proud to live a life where I’m helping others achieve the life of their dreams. When you’re tuned in to your talent, with clarity about where you want to go, drawing from your own inspiration, passion, and joy, you’d be pleasantly surprised just how much the world has to offer you as an entrepreneur.