Text Message Marketing For Small Business

It is not necessary to be a Wal-Mart or a Burger King to benefit from SMS marketing. Text message marketing for small business really works, and with it you could turn your company into the next best thing.
Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Small Business
Text message marketing is profitable, fun and easy, and considering it is also more than affordable for even the smallest of businesses it is also beneficial for all. With SMS marketing you can build your brand, create an interest in your products and services, gain more customers inside of the doors of your business, gain subscribers to your marketing list, put more money in the bank and so much more. Why would you ever want to miss out on such benefits?
How to Get SMS Marketing Subscribers
First off, remember that you should tell everyone that you know about your SMS marketing list and the great deals that you are going to provide to them when they opt-in. And make sure that you follow through on those promises.
The introductory offer into your SMS campaign should be extra-special. A freebie is typically the best way to attract many people your way. There is something special about the word free; it certainly catches the eye.
For example, if you are a restaurant you could provide those who opt-in for your marketing list a free beverage with their meal, or maybe even a small dessert. Another example –a nail salon could offer a free hand massage! You can really get creative with the offer that you use and should do so. But make sure that it is something that everyone will love!
Advertise your campaign in every way that you can, from a special shout out on your website, info on social media sites, placed on banners and more.

Benefiting with SMS Marketing
Text message marketing for small business really works. Once you’ve got the names on the list the key is keeping them there. You should ensure that you are sending text messages that are relevant to your business, as well as enticing offers that will make the individual want to patronize your business.
A good  SMS marketing company working with you can very well ensure that your small business finds the marketing success that it seeks, and the costs are just pennies per message that you send. This means no commitment to sending 10,000 messages per month.
Some SMS marketing companies even offer a handful of free messages per month, and even 30-day (or more) trial offers that enable you to try before you make any type of commitment. These are both great options for those who are just starting out with their business or those who want to see the results for themselves.
Where are the Results?
They are there. And they’re pretty awesome. Take a look at what we know about text marketing.

  • Most text messages are read within a time of 4 minutes of being received
  • A survey in 2012 revealed that the majority of all individuals prefer to receive coupons and other special offers via their cell phone
  • SMS marketing for small businesses works on all types of cell phones, not only smartphones, so you’re not missing out on a soul.
  • SMS marketing has higher success rates than both email marketing and social media combined. With 95% of all messages being read, there is a good chance it will work for you.

These are just some of the many reasons that SMS marketing is so popular, even for small businesses. make sure that you jump on the bandwagon and get with the program –the SMS marketing program that is. The benefits await!