How to Tell Your Business Story

I’m often asked how one should go about telling their business story.

There is often confusion about whether the story should be about the business and what it does, or about the customer and how they are served by the business.

To show you how this works I’m going to break down and reconstruct a one­ minute video story that you probably already know if you watched the the Budweiser commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl. To refresh your memory, click on this link.

Just remember to come back here for the analysis.

Guide Your Customer on Their Journey

Years ago I attended a one-­day workshop on screenwriting. Much of it was way over my head, but there was one useful takeaway that made the experience worthwhile.

The teacher said nearly every successful film follows a simple formula: Somebody does something, and it works out.

That somebody is often the main character, the protagonist. That’s your customer. Your business is the supporting character(s) that makes certain everything works out.

The little dog in the Budweiser commercial is the protagonist.

What does he do? He gets himself lost.

Are your customers lost? Confused? Don’t know where to turn?

You can’t just have them turn to your business. First, you need conflict or your message will not ring true.

In the video, the wolf is the antagonist that provides that conflict.

You may assume your antagonist is the competition, but it’s not. It’s bad information or conditioned thinking that confuses your customer.

Most buyers are stuck. They desperately want a solution to their problem. If you are using your social media to listen, you know they are in trouble. You hear their cry for help.

That’s right, you are like the Clydesdales in the video. There isn’t anything that will hold you back from helping.

Your business guides your buyer to a happier place. It guides them down the path that leads to the one place where they belong, a safe place, a place that feels (dramatic pause) like home.

Now it’s your turn.