solutionsTechnology is becoming part of everything we do and the business world has not been left behind. We are out of the age where everything was manually done and joined an era where almost everything is done through technology. Businesses are incorporating tech solutions to make their operations better and you should embrace technology in running your small business. Statistics show that more than 80% of small businesses that invest more in tech solutions see a great improvement in revenue. Let us look at the top tech solution that you should include in your business.

1. Mobile Apps

Most small business owners are not always in the office and this makes it difficult to share information and be available when customers need them. A large percentage of consumers are using mobile phones today, to be specific, smartphones. These devices allow the use off applications which make thins easier. Applications are being developed everyday with an aim of creating efficiency in different fields. As a small business owner, you should invest in a mobile application that not only helps you in marketing your business, but one that makes your work in running a business less stressful.

2. Analytics Tools

More and more small business owners are embracing the fact that online platforms have become the new marketing frontiers. Though most have created accounts on the various sites, most have no means of knowing whether their marketing campaigns are effective. A company that has the ability to turn data into detailed insights will open doors to better ways of doing business and get an edge over their competitors. There are different analytics tools you can use in getting a better look at the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It is not just enough to have marketing strategies; you should have the resources to identify what is working and what is not.

4. Mobile Security

Business owners, like other people, have become attached to their mobile devices and a lot of them depend on their smartphones for a lot of things including managing their social media pages and storing important information. The only way to protect them when these devices get stolen or get lost is through data wiping or data encryption. You should ensure that you are using the latest mobile security tech solutions to safeguard any sensitive information you have stored in your device. There are a number of security companies that have developed technology that users can use to wipe information, lock or locate lost devices. There are features that can locate phones even in cases where the battery has run out.

4. Tele Conferencing Through The Web

You might be running a small business that has employees in different locations or is in communication with vendors and clients that are located far away. This makes communication quite expensive. The solution here is to use web teleconferencing services which can provide audio or video connections without the need of high tech equipment. Most laptops and computers have cameras and purchasing a camera for a desktop is not expensive. The services will be cheap when compared to phone fees.

5. Cloud Services

Cloud storage is basically the cheapest and safest way to store important details. This is a tech solution small businesses can use to significantly reduce their investment in matters of technology. This simply means that you can run your business using software and hardware via a network to centralize every operation that happens within the business. Practical examples include the use of tablets in taking orders and managing automated systems in different industries.

6. Embrace Social Media

Social media platforms are all around us, on our computers and now they have taken over our mobile phones. You can take advantage of this by taking your business where the consumers are. Invest the time and resources needed to run successful social media marketing campaigns and marketing your business will be a walk in the park.

Technology can do a lot to help you run your small business and possibly create the opportunities you need to grow from the small league to a medium or large company. All you have to do is leverage what you can and use all the tech solutions that are tailor-made to support small businesses.