If your company is a small business with a big vision, you know it’s not easy to compete with the big boys. You have to be smart, nimble and creative to compete with their resources, manpower and budget. That’s true in all aspects of business but especially in your telephone communication – including your IVR system for small business.

When the telephone rings and you can’t take the call, what happens?
• Does the phone ring off the wall?
• Is the only option available for customers to leave a message ‘at the sound of the beep?’
• Do your messages sound like they were recorded by ‘Johnny the phone technician’?

If that’s true of your telephone system, you’re probably losing business and you’re certainly not building your brand.

If you’ve ever wanted to sound like a big business on a small budget, now you can.

With voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone systems, now you can take advantage of new interactive voice response (IVR) technology and enjoy IVR system for small business features once reserved for businesses with big budgets.

These features include:
• Automated greetings
• Customized departmental messages
• Personalized messages
• Ability to interact with your mobile phone
• Make conference calls
• Integrate with smart phones

How The VOIP Revolution Made IVR Systems for Small Business Possible

It wasn’t long ago when the only businesses that could afford IVR were the ones with $20,000 computer systems able to operate sophisticated software. It just wasn’t cost-effective for small businesses to make the investment needed for IVR.

But the proliferation of VOIP technology has leveled the playing field so that IVR is now accessible and affordable.

VOIP not only eliminates the need for expensive monthly telephone contracts and costly long distance charges, but the technology also enables you to get big business IVR features on a small business budget.

That’s great news. But there’s a caveat: just because you have IVR capabilities through VOIP doesn’t mean you’re home free. If Johnny the phone tech sets up your IVR, it’s likely to be clunky, awkward and ineffective due to poor design.

Most phone techs take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to IVR, which means that your system probably isn’t customized according to your specific needs and you are likely not taking full advantage of your system.

You need professional telephone consultants to set up your IVR system so that it’s intuitive, aligned with your brand and efficient.

Here’s how a professional consultant can help with IVR system for small business:

Establish Call Flow Simplicity

Professional telephone communications consultants spend all day every day designing call flow so that when customers call, they are greeted professionally and routed efficiently to the correct department and/or person. All of this is done while reinforcing the brand so that the caller experience is maximized.

Deliver the Right Message to the Right Caller With Your IVR System for Small Business

Did you know that callers hold up to three times longer if they hear a message that’s relevant to the nature of their call? That’s why it’s critical for calls to be routed to the right department. When that happens and the caller is waiting on hold, delivering a targeted content-rich message will deepen your caller experience and keep them on the line.

Provide Brand-Aligned Music on Hold with Messages

Have you ever waited on hold and been forced to listen to bad music and irrelevant messages? Or worse, that phrase, ‘Thank you for holding; your call is important to us.’

A professional telephone consultant can provide an unlimited variety of custom blended music options and crafted messages which convey your brand image while delivering content that keeps callers engaged.

Represent Your Business After Hours

Most small businesses can’t answer their phones 24/7 365 days a year. What’s happening to your business when you aren’t answering the phone?

A professional telephone consultant can help you make money even when your office is closed. They’ll design messages inviting callers to connect after hours in multiple ways (via company website, social media, or recorded FAQ’s), as well as one that points them to the next business day. Plus, incorporating your brand persona into the after hours message transforms the experience into a positive one – not one that leaves the caller at a dead end.

Customize Employee Voicemails

Professional telephone consultants can also work with your staff to record and produce voicemail greetings that portray a high level of professionalism and keep your brand image consistent from department to department.

IVR System for Small Business Solutions: More Than Technology

No doubt, VOIP technology has paved the way for small businesses to sound as professional as the big ones. But the technology alone doesn’t put you up there with the big boys.

To compete at the top of your game you need a professional telephone consultant to design call flow simplicity, call routing efficiency, brand-aligned on hold music and messages, an after hours solution and customized voicemails.