I began with absolutely nothing and have actually been blessed with being a gifted writer, given the resources, had the support from family and business associates. One of the few reasons I will not give up in pursuit in my dreams is simply I am “Relentless,” in a good way.

I’ve come up with what I think it takes to get yourself there, and how to stay rich for the rest of your life. But of course having a system in place, mentoring, resources, financial support and a network of people with like-minded goals all help me achieve my dream, to become a “Millionaire” several times over.

Now, I didn’t list some key entrepreneur elements, such as determination, persistence, motivation, and willingness to do whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality!

Here are some of my idea’s to get your mind on the right track…and the same page as me!

1. It’s Never Ever Been Simpler.
It has actually never ever been much easier, so do not make it so tough. There is so much money in the world today and so money making strategies out there, it is simply ridiculous. There is a whole sea of money out there.en

2. Saving Into Your Piggybank Will Not Do.
The old concepts of conserving every red cent is not the strategy most millionaires use today. You cannot just conserve your money to the very first million without ending up being old, at which point the cash most likely will not matter to you. So saving is not the answer to make a million dollars.

3. Live Within Your Means.
This doesn’t mean live without any means or above your means, it means be cost effective and cutting corners when you can. If you don’t need this or that, or this new car can wait, is what I intended to say here. Most of your resources should be spent on “Creating Money” with your million dollar gameplan or idea.

4. Out Smart The Tax Man.
I have actually got my own LLC company to defer the tax man, so I might take benefit of write-offs like the house and any new property I buy. These were, and are, genuine methods for me to decrease my tax expense and potentially make some more money – plus I have an opportunity to surround myself with terrific people in my network, and travel all over the world.

5. Become An Investor.
The strategy to become rich is to make financial investments, however you cannot do that if your earnings does not enable you to reserve money to invest. You only need to conserve and make money, so that you can invest it. Just invest money in proven winners, defined in your gameplan, and scale the hell out it!

ALSO, invest in your retirement education…”Investing in what sets you free will also set you apart from the rest.”

6. Are You The Boss?
Are you a boss or an employee? When you have to invest money, act like you know what your doing, even if you don’t. When your business is calling, are you there acting like a boss, or a little whiner. There will be ups and downs in business, so get used to it, and roll with the punches “YOUR THE BOSS.”

7. Automate Your Business To Pay You.
Establish with your company to pay yourself to a cost savings account so that you have money transferred monthly prior to you get a check to pay your expenses and live your life. I learned this the hard way in life, never paid myself first, while all my money dwindled away on things that did not matter. This is the step that will certainly make number 5 possible.

8. Be In A Rush.
You can be hasty when your trying to get to the finish line in record time. Do things in an efficient manner, quickly, and then move onto your next business revenue producing task. Like putting fire under your A_ _

9. Do The Millionaire Mathematics.
If you make $60,000 a year and can figure out how to put away 50 percent of it (that is my conserving target) it will certainly take you 50 years times $30,000 per year to get there. If you do not do your mathematics you will not get there since you will not have the ideal frame of mind. This isn’t at all realistic in today’s world, banks, governments, and such all want you to SPEND your money. Do what Tony Robbins DOES, he puts away 20% of wealth tucked away every year. So should you.

10. Diversity Is Evil.
I understand the diversity idea is popular, however, it’s incorrect. If you are going to bank a million prior to you are worn out and old you have to choose something you care about and understand it’s going to work, then push your poker chips ALL IN!! The same goes for traffic strategies, pick one proven winner, and scale it up! ALL IN AGAIN!

11. Forget The Government.
One of the mistakes i see and have learned from my millionaire uncle Barry early in my life, is forget the Government. Governments don’t care about you simply put, nor do they desire to see you get rich and wealthy, the whole system is designed to “Keep you Broke.” Build your own life and retirement, and forget the TFSA, GIC’s, and RRSP’s.

12. Prevent Investing Money Or Binding Your Money In Colleges, Houses, Or Individual Retirement Accounts.

A lot of people in my family believe that an rich education is the paved way to the mountain of Gold, it can be, but it really isn’t. Believe me when i say that a mortgage is only debt that eats up your paychecks, tying up money in RRSP’s, or GIC’s, owing huge money in Colleges and Universities student loans, or any Government subsidized retirement plan is really THEIR plan not yours. Last word on this, I learned from Ted Thomas that anyone can buy a whole house 60-80 percent below market value, with NO mortgage. But nobody will tell you this because their playing the game to make THEM money not you.

13. Be An Action Taker.
This is the best point of all, you must willing to take on risks and take action, like I said i’m relentless. Taking action also means doing the activities that your business needs and requires. This also relates to point #5 above, they go hand in hand.

These are purely my ideas on what it takes to become and be the millionaire, you may have your own ideas, but never lose sight of your goal to become a millionaire!

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