small businessThere’s a blog I enjoy reading from time to time: Small Business Branding by Ed Roach. Earlier this month, Ed posted a great little piece encouraging small business-owners to muscle up a “Bold Idea” and throw all their weight behind it. Really go for it.

No doubt, many CEM blog readers would enjoy the post. However, it reminded me of one of our own CEM philosophies, the idea that content marketing and content-based conversions can be leveraged by any business or agency – no matter how small – just as they are by Fortune 500 companies.

You see, business conversions through your blog, Facebook, Twitter – or any other type of content – are possible. It just takes serious and intentional effort (which could be said of any conversion strategy).

Small B2B Companies Are Waking Up

More small (10-99 employees) B2B companies are waking up to this reality. According to the most recent data from the Content Marketing Institute:

  • Small business B2B marketers are allocating 31% of their budgets to content marketing.
  • 57% say they plan to increase this portion of their budget. (Only 2% plan to decrease.)
  • On average, each member of this group of marketers employs 12 content marketing tactics.
  • This content is primarily being distributed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (no surprises there).

Their biggest challenge?

Being able to create enough content with their in-house team (which is why we’re fans of insourcing).

Small B2B Companies Getting Content-Based Conversions

Of course, there are plenty of small B2B companies that have stopped procrastinating and making excuses, and have thrown their full weight behind quality content. Need some inspiration? Check out these three examples (via TopRank Blog):

  • Xerox creates Chief Optimist iPad Magazine and campaign by partnering with Forbes. The magazine saw 300-400% more readership than past email campaigns, added 20,000 new contacts, and scheduled over a thousand appointments. But the big ROI? It yielded $1.3 billion in revenue.
  • Optum designed a multi-platform content marketing campaign that increased website traffic almost five-fold and garnered $52 million worth of contracts with less than $1 million invested into the campaign!
  • Lattice Engines publishes “Big Data” Infographic and gets 500 downloads, coverage in 15 industry blogs and media sites, and 1,500 ebook views.

The content-based conversions that worked for these larger B2B companies can – and will – work on a smaller scale, but it’s up to you to get the ball rolling!

Interested in knowing more about our Fortune 500/small business content marketing theories? It’s all right here in our eBook.