Time to outsource?

Maximize Your Time Doing What You Excel At

I run a small business that publishes content all over the web. I work from home and enjoy that luxury. As with all small businesses, I have ups and downs, but sales are increasing rapidly of late. The passion that drives me is writing and communicating with people.

The other morning I was brooding at my cluttered desk. The tasks of the day overwhelmed me, 10 articles to write. The posts did not bother me. What I was panicking over was the million business management duties that I was behind on. It takes a lot of work to run a business.

The Tipping Point

Booming sales for an entrepreneur puts you in triage mode. This is when you take care of the biggest fire first. Happiness quickly dissipates when you are running from one huge fire to another.

My business had reached a tipping point where I needed to expand and grow or contract in order to keep the business alive. This is a crisis for an entrepreneur who might be content either way but is unsure which path to choose.

As an entrepreneur, you know a decision has to be made, and your gut tells you to push the boundaries and grow. But for someone without a degree in business, expansion is no easy process. At least it seems that way.

The Easy Path to Unprecedented Growth

My problem was that I was thinking in the box, which limited my options and creativity. I had been thinking of hiring employees, which is a huge deal. The commitment and obligation that comes with employees frightened me and kept me immobile.

I pushed myself out of my boxed thinking when I realized that I didn’t need new full time employees to grow. Never has it been easier to outsource work on a contract basis, employees waiting to do the work and not requiring longterm commitment or increased obligations.

Technology and Middle Men

The key to make this outsourcing of work possible is technology and companies which facilitate the connection between workers and employers. Technology enables collaboration, organization, and remote team work. And, it works smoothly if you are even a little tech savvy. Messaging and document exchange make it seem as if the employees are actually working beside you.

The middle men are in place too, and many businesses compete to provide you with workers. Companies such as UpWork and Freelancer provide you with a wide variety of choices, and they evaluate, review, and provide credentials of the employees they offer. The companies make comparing, vetting, and hiring simple.

Another way to outsource is to hire a company that specializes in work that you lack time, skills, and motivation to complete. Guaranteed, you have work that needs completed that you simply can’t or won’t do. In my case, outsourcing web design, office management, and bookkeeping made sense because I lack the time and desire to get them done. Find a solid company that specializes in that industry and hire them to complete essential tasks that you are not getting done.

10 Reasons to Outsource Now

The answer to my problem was easy enough, and if you are in a similar situation this is the scalable response to your need for help.

  1. You are an entrepreneur and growth is in your genes.
  2. You have more work than you can handle, and this is a positive situation.
  3. You receive the help you need to grow efficiently.
  4. You have time to spend on the passion that drives your entrepreneurialism.
  5. The model is scalable and allows you to grow at your own pace.
  6. Increased business and expedited workflow mean more profit for your business.
  7. Your happiness will increase as your stress eases.
  8. The working relationships benefit both you and the outsourced employees.
  9. You can accomplish more without increasing your workload.
  10. It’s so easy and yields tangible, positive results.

Reach your full potential as an entrepreneur by outsourcing and become an industry leader one small step at a time.