Social media is rapidly changing how small businesses connect with customers—from food truck owners updating multiple truck locations on-the-fly over Twitter, to nonprofit organizations sharing visual stories on Facebook that touch the hearts of thousands.

After years of speaking with our small business customers to address challenges and to highlight their social media success, we started to see patterns forming. Businesses with previously niche markets and audiences can now engage on a global scale with competition near and far, knowing that this opens up a new set of challenges and solutions. Similar to a Venn diagram, businesses in the technology industry are working toward social media goals that overlap with those of businesses in the retail, nonprofit, hospitality, or travel industry.

We wanted to highlight the overlapping and individual social media goals of businesses industry-wide, not only to recognize their social media success but to inspire others by example. After all, 78% of consumers say that social messages from businesses influence their purchases. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a strong first impression.

Introducing 12 small businesses who found social media success

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