In business, if a task is done repeatedly, then shouldn’t we automate it? With the growing availability of automated and intelligent bots incorporating automation is very easy for businesses.

For small businesses, it’s the right time to jump into “Chatbots”. They can be the early movers of this trend and hence can have a bundle of benefits. Let’s see how chatbots can be a profitable step for small and mid-sized businesses.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is an important business operation which keeps your company closer to your customers by getting in touch with them. Small sized businesses can take advantage of chatbots in serving their customers by giving them replies and resolving their queries quickly. The chatbot can automate repetitive tasks focusing on those that really add value to the company. Chatbots can provide rich contents like images and videos helping the customers better. In any case, if the bot is not able to resolve the issues entirely, then they should hand over to a human advisor in a seamless way. Organizations like Call Centres can benefit by integrating Chatbots. Bots can help them save money and time, where chatbots can maintain multiple simultaneous conversations- far more than any human can.

Chatbots can reduce long waiting cycles for Customers

Money saver Chatbots

As explained in one of our earlier blog “Here’s all that you need to know about Chatbots”, Chatbots are intelligent software that works on predefined rules or another that does machine learning and perform multiple tasks. Small businesses can develop predefined scripts for different functions such as replying to issues, giving suggestions etc. All these can reduce your cost of personnel who will do this service by reaching out to prospects just to deliver the same message. Chatbots can be fast enough to this kind of predefined service with less error compared to a human. Also, Personal finance chatbots assist you with organizing your finances.

Bots are Predictive

Chatbot can remember the earlier conversation with the customers which can help predict the targeted customer base and respond to them better. As more we would know about our targeted audience, better will be our service for them. Chatbots are designed to interact with the customers and ask predefined questions that will be then analyzed to understand their preferences, likes, and dislikes. On that basis, organizations can plan their personalized services and products specifications for targeted audience.

It can help increase Customer Engagement and Branding

Chatbots boosts customer engagement with brands as they offer customers a convenient way (compare to Apps installing) to get the required information. They offer a conversational element that helps in building the relationship via bots. Companies like Sephora have developed their own Chatbot on Kik for driving more engagement with their brand. Sephora has done very good as a personal cosmetics shopping assistant. It understands what customer needs and then provides relevant information. It also uses a short quiz to better understand their customers and to create an experience that is at once personal, automated and authentic. Chatbots can easily gather, monitor and track consumer’s data for smarter marketing strategies.

Chatbots are going to evolve with time and create more opportunities for new companies to explode from scratch to prominence. They will create many business opportunities. Chatbots will help small businesses overcome the workload of customers or seller support division of the organization, resulting in more customer satisfaction if the Chatbot is customized and used rightly.