You’ve heard about mobile for reaching your customers, but what about using mobile to supercharge your business – on the inside?

There’s a relatively new category of cloud-based solutions called social business collaboration. These tools help teams to track and organize the work they do every day; effectively speeding up collaboration so your business can move faster.  The best solutions offer 24/7 access from a mobile device and computer, so everyone stays on the same page – even receiving notifications whenever there is activity or a question.  And because it’s in the cloud, it’s secure, flexible and always on.

A study by Nokia found users check their Smartphones an average of 150 times during a waking day of 16 hours. In fact, research provided by Smartloop, finds 91% of employees report doing work outside of traditional work locations by using their mobile. Integrating your work processes into their mobile routine can be a win-win for your team and your business.

Here’s how it can help:

1) Your team works better because it doesn’t matter where they are – everyone stays on the same page.

Forty percent of employees say keeping up with email is their biggest distraction. With social collaboration, communication is streamlined into activity streams that operate like a social media newsfeed. Everyone can quickly see feedback, updates and current versions without having to plow through email.

And to quickly address problems and opportunities, the best social collaboration tools also offer presence; letting team members see who is available now for an instant message or video chat to resolve issues and discuss ideas. Finally, social collaboration should integrate with online meeting tools too so everyone can easily prepare for and conduct necessary meetings with staff, consultants or clients.

2) The team can access free business tools and apps – easily and all in one place.

In this article from the American Express OPEN Forum, the author proposes ten different applications to solve business problems. That seems like an awful lot of different places. With a single social business collaboration tool, your team can access everything; bringing all the different work flows and processes together in one place. The best solutions allow the team members themselves to easily modify or create new apps as processes and priorities change.

From business development to recruiting and hiring to product development, marketing and sales, there are myriad apps available within the context of social collaboration tools – all allowing your business to run at top speed because the team has access from any device from wherever they are.

3) You can work the way that fits your team’s needs.

Here’s an interesting fact: 43% of employees admit to using their mobiles to check email so they can get ahead and ease their workloads the following business day. What if those employees had access to more than just email? With social business collaboration solutions, team members can actively participate with each other and move the work along from wherever they are.

Plus, your team is more than just employees – it includes your agencies, suppliers and contractors – they all need a way to work together.  The best social collaboration tools allow for flexible, adaptable, permission-based workspaces – so you can invite everyone you work with regardless of where they are – and it is secure. Consultants, vendors, customers – whoever needs to be included – can be an active part of your business community.


It’s easy to see how moving beyond just email on your mobile can increase your team’s productivity and speed collaboration. Finding the right social business collaboration solution for your team isn’t hard. Look for a secure, cloud-based solution that offers permission-driven workspaces, presence and real-time communications along with social activity streams, and, importantly, free, flexible business applications that let your team track and organize the work they do everyday.  , Your team will be much happier and that’s always good for business.