Facebook is constantly bringing about changes to its algorithm and introducing new features so it can enhance the user experience (at least that’s what we hear). Some of the changes have received quite a backlash, but the addition of new call-to-action buttons has transformed marketing for brands in a creative and more directive manner.

Call-to-action, when done correctly, can lure your audience and inspire action. With this feature being rolled out for quite sometime now, businesses have started to address their audiences and encourage them to take the action required in the form of signing up for your newsletter, buying your new product and so on.

How Can Small Businesses Leverage this Feature?

I believe that this is quite a good feature, especially for small businesses. With this button your small business can reap many benefits of increased traffic, conversion, sales and so on. This button allows businesses to redirect their visitors to a website, landing page, video url or an app as per your needs. Let’s take a look at how your businesses can make use of the 7 CTA buttons or rather how some of the brands are nailing it already!

1. Sign-up

With this button, it makes it easy for your fans and new visitors to easily sign up for a webinar, event or even join an email list. After they’ve signed up, you must follow up with an automated email and keep introducing them to your business products/services.

OnePlus India page has a sign-up button where their fans have to enter their email ID and they will continuously keep receiving updates, tips and even a chance to get/use an OnePlus. Did you know now you can buy OnePlus One without an invite as well?

oneplus facebook page

2. Book Now

With this button, you can make it easier for your customers to book an appointment, make reservations online, buy tickets or block event seats without them having to leave the page!

BookMyShow with this button has redirected their audiences to the soon to be released movie Avengers. Where they can read up about the movie, watch the trailer and then proceed to book their tickets.

bookmyshow facebook page

3. Contact Us

This is a pretty straight-forward button, where your fans can contact you through filling the form, send you an email or call you!

Red Bull, with this button takes you straight to their website where you can easily contact them and also through this move brings about more traffic to their website.

redbull facebook page

4. Use App

If your business has launched a new app and you want to promote it, as well increase download. Facebook presents the perfect platform for your business to do so by their Use App button!

Taco Bell, is throwing shade at their new app with this button and also their cover image. When you click on the button, it takes you to their website which shows how you can download the app on your mobile phone as well provides an incentive if you order from your phone.

laco bell facebook page

5. Play Game

This is an amazing feature for the gaming industry, as it gives their customers an experience to play demos, gives a peek at new releases as well as induces purchase.

We all have been addicted to Temple Run at one point in time, and this button takes you to their iTunes page where you can view the new components added in the game, screenshots, customer reviews and also the buy link!

temple run facebook page

6. Shop Now

This button is applicable for each and every business that has an online store, with this you can take your customers to new product releases or an offer zone. Also increases your chance for a sale.

Flipkart, an online retail giant, when their existing and potential customers click on this button it takes them to their portal. Where their customers are exposed to various deals!

flipkart facebook page

7. Watch Video

With this button you can educate your audiences about your brand, draw light on a new campaign, showcase a product tutorial and also cover a product launch. There are a multiple ways your business can make use of this button to induce action.

PlayStation has incorporated this button, to showcase their product launch where their customers can view the video and if they like what they say; then proceed to buy the CD.

playstation facebook page

You can make use of the different Call-to-Action buttons depending on your current campaigns, product release, promotions and so on. Also make use of your cover image as it will bring about more increased awareness about the button, and will definitely drive action.

What do you think about the new CTA button for your small business? Do share your insights with us in the comments section below.