As a small business you may find you are very limited on funds and need to find affordable ways to market your business. One of the top choices these days is turning to the internet and using social media.

When it comes to social media there are a number of avenues available to help you gain visibility, generate leads and improve revenue. The first one is the social media interactive platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Using the social media platforms you are able to design a page about your small business and update your status on a regular basis, building your followers. As your followers grow you are able to keep them updated with the latest promotions, products, trends and information.

Another option that is becoming a popular choice and where companies are steering their marketing efforts is video blogs. YouTube is a huge site that offers a number of video blogs from various companies, again you can increase your customer base, improve your business visibility and increase your website traffic.

People are getting lazy and they will type into a search engine and just read the first few things that come up, a company can improve their visibility by using social media alone. Guest blogging services is another way to generate interest.

When using guest blogging services you are having a blog written about your industry, something informative, interesting and creative that will link back to your website. Unlike your business blog, these blogs are written by professionals and then loaded on blog sites on the internet.

What this does for any small business is dramatically improve your visibility, generate even more leads and increase turnover.