Small businesses also use social networks, but not as they should

Develop an effective presence in the Social Media is much more than have a profile registered, and publish from time to time some deals and content. Social selling is a must have skill, and these actions should be subject to a strategy, and be designed around a clearly defined goal.

Conditions that are not always fulfilled in the case of small businesses, according to the latest data, Small business lack a strategic vision on social networks, with 72% of the heads of these organizations are lacking a Social Media plan. Also indicate that the updates and publishment of content happens when it suits them, or when they have time (76%).

No Strategy for Social Platforms

The professionalism in the use of these tools is also evidence when it comes to the responsible for the management of social networks themselves. In 80% of cases, these tasks are the owner of the company itself. Therefore, it’s not possible most of the time to create an effective strategy for these social platforms as business owners have time constraints, and above all lack of training to do so.

What social networks develop their online presence?

There is no question about the importance of social networks for these organizations. In order to improve the social media strategy, Facebook is the main platform for these organizations. 87% of the surveyed companies have registered their corporate profile with this digital platform. Meanwhile, 53% have a Twitter account, while 50% are in LinkedIn. YouTube and Google + also showed a penetration rate of 36% in the case of these companies.

What do they want to get for their social media presence?

For 64% of respondents, it is particularly important to expand their online community. 64% want to get more followers and more interaction from them. For this, the 39% offer information, publishes deals and promotions (30%), and even usually responds to requests that customers made ​​through these channels (30%).

On the other hand, more than half of them (53%) showed their intention to improve their knowledge in this area. Their main interest is to know the most effective techniques in social media marketing, 43% needs to promote their products and services in the digital environment, while 42% would like to develop a strategy of appealing content.

Another notable concern among these entrepreneurs is to know more about the operation and characteristics of social networks. 25% said they want to know more about Twitter and Instagram, Google+ (24%), Pinterest (22%) and LinkedIn (20%).

As we can see, small companies value social media as a tool to promote their business and reach their clients and customers. A task for which mostly need to improve their training, and on which they intend to continue betting for the next few years in order to build a real online community where they can closely interact with their followers.

This article originally appeared on Marquetingquery and has been republished with permission.