Small Business Guide to Using Instagram

Instagram, bought by Facebook is one of the most used photo-focused social platform and the power it holds for businesses cannot be ignored. Are you struggling to find creative ways to improve your Instagram page? Here is our Small Business Guide to Using Instagram/

1. Show Your Products

Think of Instagram as a showroom and your followers are there to look at what you have to offer. Make sure all images of your products are in the best possible lighting and have a good description including keywords. Don’t forget to use hashtags as doing this will allow you to reach an even bigger audience.

2. Show The Process of Making Your Products

People using Instagram love watching video’s so the best way to video your products is when they are being made. How a product is made is a curiosity that most shoppers have and if you are openly sharing this process, you will earn your followers trust as a business

3. Show What Your Products Can Do

If you don’t show the primary use for your products, why would your followers want to buy it? Your product must solve a need in the market for it to be successful among your target market.

 4. Speak to Your Followers

If you aren’t having a two way conversation with your followers, they may lose interest. It is important to always stay connected no matter what so ask questions, ask for advice and most importantly, answer your followers.

5. “Behind the Scenes” Footage

Are you at a photography shoot taking pictures for your new product line? Share this with your followers. Anything that will build excitement around your business is worth sharing.

6. Share Your Working Space

If you work in a really great environment, share it with your followers. This may be office based or even home based. If you are working at your desk and your cat happens to jump up and sit on your keyboard, I think your followers will find this funny.

 7. Share Your Location

Are you a business that on a regular basis either attends or exhibits at Trade Shows? If yes, make sure your audience know you are there. They might also be at the same event as you and if you share your stand number along with hall number, you might find yourself meeting a follower.

8. Introduce Employees

If you aren’t a one man band and work in an office with other people, share images of this. Some creative offices do competitions on friday’s between employees and this is a great thing to share on Instagram.

9. See a Celebrity? Share it.

Whether it be a reality star or a movie star, make sure you take a picture of it! I missed my opportunity to grab a snapshot of Thandie Newton who was at the same Farmers Market as me last year!

10. Be Fun and Creative

As great as it is to be focused on your business when using Instagram, you still need to show your fun and creative side. You don’t always have to use images or videos about your business, try sharing some funny, lighthearted images to show that you do have personality as a business.


Did you know that you can talk to your customers inside Instagram? This will help you with your market research and give great customer service. You can download the InstaMessage app here.

Are you ready to use Instagram for your business?