Small business is often about the littlest of things. Small, inexpensive giveaways like cups, flash drives and pens branded with a company logo are a ubiquitous part of our culture. Pride Products competes in this $19 billion market by doing the small, customer service things really well. In an industry that has almost no barriers to entry, is not technology driven, is comprised of hundreds of thousands of companies and is highly commoditized, service is one of the few ways to differentiate a business.

Now in business for 16 years with eight full-time employees and numerous paid interns, this ex-Wall Street executive and former corporate attorney wouldn’t have it any other way. They wisely picked an industry where nearly every sector of the economy is a customer and deliver a great product, on time and within budget, over and over. That’s when small turns into something big.

Videography by James K. Blake III

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