The world has gone mobile and your sales team should, too.

The world has gone mobile and your sales team should, too.

According to theEMPLOYEEapp, 55 percent of US workers indicate they travel for business, which means they are often out on the road making important face-to-face connections. As a small business owner, you and your employees are almost certainly part of this crowd as you make the effort to get face time with current and prospective clients to show them how much you value their business and what you can do for them. Using mobile devices allows these in-person meetings to become exponentially more valuable. If the technology is used effectively it will allow your business to convert sales at an improved rate. How can your employees benefit from using mobile while they are on their way to—or right in the middle of—meetings with clients and customers? Here are a few ways mobility can help your small business convert sales and improve your bottom line.

Consider this scenario—your business development manager just stepped out of the office for a day of client meetings. However, they forgot when they last met with the client and what was discussed. Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us, so instead of having them panicking trying to obtain the information they need, give them access to a contact and lead management system right on their phone. A recorded 51 percent of employees feel more productive when they have access to work-related materials on their phone.

Let’s tweak the situation now. You’re meeting with a prospective customer and you can remember every interaction and every item you’ve discussed with them. You’re fully prepared and confident as you sit down at lunch and begin final discussions to formalize your contract. The customer casually inquires about where you are with a specific customization you told them you’d make to your product for their specific needs. Now, this you don’t know because it was handed off to your product manager to work directly with the customer. No worries—with the right mobile technology you should be able to use your phone to access this customer’s file and see where everything stands. Your product manager will be logging all of their interactions as well so you can see what they’ve discussed, what was promised, what has been delivered, and what still needs to be done.

Allowing employees to have full access to your business through mobile applications will help them answer any questions that come up. Each member of your team represents your business and its goals, so empower them by giving them product and service knowledge in the palm of their hand. Giving your team the benefit of flexibility will pay dividends in the way they are able to interact with customers and convert sales.

Mobile technology has become central to maximizing sales conversion for small businesses as these capabilities allow for a more even playing field with larger competitors. Technology that was once only available to the multi-million dollar corporations to convert sales is now neutralized with mobile technology. Giving you everything you need to keep your small business competitive, strengthen relationships with your customers, build loyalty and grow your business—because happy customers means steady sales.

Think about it, if your team is able to pull up data from a customer’s history while they are meeting with them, won’t that give them a better view on how to treat the interaction? If your sales team approached a customer about a specific product or service in the past but it’s been a while, you could benefit from a refresher on where you left off before meeting with them again. Review the history and adjust the next meeting’s focus while en route if you determine previous attempts to sell a certain product or to sell at a particular price point has been unsuccessful. This will help your sales team answer the client’s needs because they will have the most comprehensive picture of the client and your interactions with them to date as they attempt to convert the sale.

The world has gone mobile and your sales team should, too, because the chance to create more meaningful interactions and relationships with clients is essential to your success. Over 60 percent of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs when they are given easy access to company info. Making important information pertaining to opportunities contacts and leads accessible to the sales team on-the-go empowers your business to convert sales at a higher rate. Show them your small business is ready for whatever comes their way with the tools they need to get results.