Revitalize Your Business with a Millennial Infusion

Older employees are worth their weight in gold – hardworking, dedicated, experienced…and sometimes stuck in their ways. If you feel like your business is starting to stagnate, maybe it’s time to consider hiring a few newbies to round out your staff. Here’s why you should consider hiring right out of college and how to compete for the best talent.

What Millennials bring to the table

Growing up online has created a generation of tech-savvy collaborators. They prefer to work in teams and love a challenge. They have little desire to be chained to tradition. They want to find newer, better, and faster solutions to replace outdated traditional methods.

People under 25 range cut their teeth on technology. There’s a shallow learning curve for new systems and methods; it’s all familiar. They know what’s out there and how to get things done. Young employees can introduce you to possibilities and marketing channels you might otherwise miss. Millennials are the future of your business. They are your future employees and your customer base.

Managing expectations

Even with all this technology and knowledge, today’s young adults are enthusiastic about embracing new things. They’re teachable and eager to learn. Engagement and feedback are important. They want to know what you think and how they’re doing.

Millennials are globally aware and socially active. They want to work for a company that shares their values. They want to feel like they are giving back, and they want to be proud to work for you.

If you can engage your young workers on an emotional level, your employee retention rates will go up, along with your company reputation, which is important in a hyper-connected business world. Street cred goes a long way online, and so does a bad reputation. The way you treat your employees and deal with socially relevant issues can impact your bottom line.

It’s not always about money

Recruiting and retaining top talent my seem challenging for a small business, but if you remember that it’s not always about money, you’ll have a better place to start. Even a small business can offer things that seem like perks but cost little. Young workers respond favorably to:

  • Telecommuting – Knowing they can work, at least part-time, from anywhere is a draw. It shows trust and offers convenience.
  • Flexible hours – Work/life balance is important to them. Allowing them to arrange their work week for their own convenience can be considered a definite perk, as long as it aligns with your company objectives.
  • Company engagement – Regular team building and charity event participation.
  • Mobility – Let them know there’s an upward path. Give them new responsibilities and let them indulge their creativity. They want to be entrepreneurs. You can tap into that energy by offering them creative project control.
  • Retirement planning – Fifty-one percent of Millennials think they can’t count on social security. A matching funds program in a 401K will make them think twice about changing jobs.

New technology makes finding the right talent less intimidating than it may seem. While there are tons of job posting sites online, focuses specifically on Millennials. It will help you identify qualified talent, let you create an attractive ad to lure in students, and connect you directly to university populations via integrated social media. It’s a powerful way to target college students and attract prospects.

With Baby Boomers retiring en masse over the next decade, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says Millennials will make up nearly half the U.S. workforce by 2015, and 75 percent by 2025. If your company is gracefully aging, an infusion of fresh blood might be just what it needs to revitalize your business.

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