I’m incredibly lucky to work alongside so many passionate, smart and creative people here at iContact and in the wider small- and medium-sized business community. But occasionally I meet marketing professionals who are extremely frustrated in their roles. This is often because they are not given the freedom to do the job they were hired to do.

Misguided passion (or lack of trust) can often lead to business owners exercising too much control over their marketing output, creating more roadblocks than opportunities.

An Open Letter to a Small Business Owner

Dear Small Business Owner,

We, the undersigned, salute your efforts in growing your business, providing for your immediate family, creating employment opportunities for us (and so providing for our families), and supporting the communities in which we live and work.

We understand you are passionate about your business. You have nurtured it through good and bad times and made significant sacrifices to ensure it has become and remains a success.

Because of this, we appreciate that you want to stamp your personal seal of approval on everything your company produces in terms of product, service and promotion.

As the company has grown, your ability to manage every single aspect of the business has been stretched. This is why you have hired (at considerable cost) the best possible people to manage the various day-to-day tasks to which you can no longer give your full attention.

In today’s digital economy, businesses thrive on agility. In order to remain successful we need to make decisions quickly and act on them instantly. Because you are not always available to approve marketing output, we occasionally miss vital opportunities and reward our more agile competitors with business that we should win.

Please understand we are also passionate about your business and are very proud of the fact that you trusted us enough to include us in your family business. But this trust needs to be further developed if we are to help each other grow the business.

I am a marketer. I am good at what I do. Please let me market our products and services, and judge me not on your gut feeling about my daily output but on my successes.

Yes, I still want your input on major initiatives. But chasing approval on every single email, social media comment, press release and blog post is not a good use of our time.

Trust me to do the job you hired me to do and I won’t let you down.

Yours sincerely,

Your Marketer

Are you a small business marketer who is frustrated by the level of permission you are given to effectively create opportunities?

Perhaps you are a small business owner. Do you give your marketing team enough room to succeed? Share your comments below.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.