Easter is quickly approaching, and whether you realize it or not, having an office Easter Egg Hunt can show you a lot about what type of workers you truly have. There’s something about some friendly competition, combined with incentives, that can bring out the best – or worse – in someone….

Enter the Easter Egg Hunt. Traditionally, hunts are for children, but as more businesses recognize the value of investing in their employees, fun-day office activities are making their way into the workplace. And what’s more fun than an Easter Egg Hunt!

So as your employees get ready to fill their baskets, keep an eye open for traits that will identify their styles of work.

5 Types of Workers:

The Natural Leader. From the moment the hunt begins this is the one who’s already found the first egg before others have even started. And what you see next is a group of people gravitating after him. The natural leader doesn’t necessarily set out to be the leader, but there’s just that quality that make others want to follow. This is the best type of leader to have around, because more times than not, extra baggage of pride and ego aren’t accompanying him.

The Follower. Like a pair of socks, the follower comes in a set. Not ever wanting to take the lead, the follower will be trailing someone – most likely the leader. You won’t see this one out searching for eggs on the road less travelled… he’ll be travelling it behind someone else. Though many negatives are attached with the follower, just remember this: you can’t run a business with a group of leaders. And followers tend to be good workers, quiet and stay within the lines.

The Strategist. Scouting out the field and literally making a plan on where to begin is the planner’s strategy. What good would it be – going out to look for eggs – without first making a plan? This is the employee who loves an Excel Spreadsheet (probably filled with charts and formulas). It’s always good to have a planner on your team, as long as the plans develop into action. What good is a brilliant strategy, when at the end of the hunt you’re left with an empty basket?

The Busybody. Look out at the scene and I’m sure there will be that one soul who is running around and appearing to be gathering lots of eggs, but in reality there’s probably only 1 or maybe 2 in the basket. Why? Because the busybody does nothing. He has perfected the art of looking busy, but in reality not much is being accomplished. Eventually though, his days (eggs) are numbered – literally. At the end of the hunt when everyone else has produced results, he will have nothing to show. The same is true at work: numbers don’t lie.

The Team Player. There’s always that one guy (or girl) who decides the best way to approach the hunt is with a partner. After all, two heads are better than one – and in this case – two baskets. The team player is someone who’s good to have around for group projects. More often he/she prefers to work with others, and is good at it. But not all work projects can be done in a group, and it’s important to have the skills to work alone as well.

What’s important is to fill your office with a variety of working styles. A successful team is a group of individuals with various skills and expertise, coming together to meet one goal. At the end of the day, if all the eggs have been successfully found and baskets are full, it was a productive event…. and the same can be said for your business.

So, start hiding your eggs and get ready for some office Easter fun!