We’ve all been there: you have a great goal in mind (eat healthier, stop procrastinating, get organized, etc.), but for some reason it remains a distant goal.

Then, with a New Year looming, you make a short list of goals you resolve to attack with gusto. Sure, our success rates may vary, but before you forgo making any resolutions, consider this: StatisticsBrain found that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t.

So what do New Year’s resolutions have to do with running a small business?

More than you might think. We recently surveyed a customer panel and learned that more than half (53 percent) make business-related resolutions every year. As for what they focus on:

  • 26 percent are growing annual revenue.
  • 18 percent are running their business more efficiently.
  • 16 percent are getting more customers/clients.
  • 10 percent are creating better planning.
  • 10 percent are trying different marketing tactics, like mobile marketing.
  • 8 percent are creating a better customer/client experience.

The good news is that one third (33 percent) say they are successful in keeping their business-related resolutions, and 53 percent say keeping business-related resolutions is actually easier than keeping personal resolutions. Perhaps that’s because it can be easier, and more fun, to measure revenue increases than caloric intake. Or perhaps the motivation is stronger, given that business resolutions are directly related to one’s passion and livelihood.

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that our customers told us they kept in the past that really helped their business and they may prove useful to the running of your business too:

  • “Ask for more help.”
  • “Create a marketing plan.”
  • “Be more aggressive with social media.”
  • “Find out what personally motivates my staff.”
  • “Drop what isn’t working and move forward.”
  • “Blog every week.”
  • “Offer training for my staff.”
  • “Send out newsletters more consistently.”
  • “Hire an assistant.”
  • “Make a vision board.”

As for the resolutions our customers are making for 2014, here’s a sampling:

  • “Contact customers more often.”
  • “Be grateful for every customer.”
  • “Increase social media presence on all levels by 15 percent.”
  • “Run more efficiently. Need to keep costs under better control.”
  • “Use technology to simplify projects.”
  • “Put more resources into the most profitable projects.”
  • “Express gratitude outwardly.”
  • “Run my business more efficiently and achieve a work/life balance.”

We’d love to know what has been your most successful resolution!