Give Your Sales Department More Time

Sales automation, when integrated with a CRM system, can help small businesses do more with less. By eliminating repetitive tasks, business owners can focus on growing their business, instead of just managing it. Here’s what you need to know about sales automation and how it can drive your business forward.

The Marketplace Is More Competitive

In a technology-charged world, the business landscape has become increasingly competitive. The last thing you want to risk is fragmented data, cold leads, and a longer sales cycle. Maybe you feel as if you’re putting more time, money, and effort into your sales department, only to find that your productivity leaves something to be desired.

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There is a simpler solution than just slogging through more hours – you can get the same job done in less time. It’s the old adage: “Work smarter, not harder.” Sales automation software eliminates repetitive, time-consuming (but still necessary) tasks that release your sales professionals from behind-the-scenes work. For example, you can shave minutes off sending a proposal, easily locate information about leads and customers, view timelines, and get instant reports on your sales funnel.

Top Reasons to Invest in Sales Automation

There are numerous benefits to sales automation, but some provide a more immediate return on investment than others. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider automation:

1. Save Time

Scheduling sales appointments, sending follow up emails, updating sales opportunities: These are a few tasks that are essential, but tedious. Software allows you do all these things automatically, and more. For example, salespeople can quickly generate estimates, which turn into speedy proposals, quotes, and orders. Additionally, you can send customers automatic updates about tracking or delays.

2. Enhance Customer Service

By automating certain tasks, you can also create a more positive customer experience. Eliminate redundancies that require customers to repeat questions or requests across multiple departments, and create a central client directory that tracks calls to eliminate repeats.

3. Maximize Revenue

“Time is money” became a cliché for a reason – because it’s true. Freeing up your sales people from burdensome tasks allows them to make more calls and spend time doing what they do best – hardcore selling. This leads to more income for the company, which will increase your profits and employee satisfaction.

4. Manage Opportunities More Effectively

Your CRMs produce a lot of data. Sales automation software allows you to leverage this data to maximize your conversions. By assembling your data into timelines and reports on the sales funnel, your salespeople can readily identify promising opportunities and provide timely follow-up.

5. Effective Sales Team Management

Sales managers can similarly become bogged down by sales call sheets and tracking staff activity. Automation allows managers to view each sales team member’s activity, complaints, and other metrics. This can help inform the need for further training or other intervention.

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Sales automation can help your company make the most of its time. Consider integration with your CRM to effectively grow your business – instead of just managing it.