mobile-marketing123In so many occasions mobile marketing has been referred to as the next marketing frontier and a lot of small businesses are jumping on to the bandwagon. There are high chances that you have participated in mobile marketing to popularize your business or connect with your customers. With the numbers of mobile users increasing everyday, businesses are incorporating this communication channel in their marketing strategies and the rush in doing everything is ending up in a lot of mistakes. Here are the top mistakes you should avoid.

Failure To Optimize Content For Mobile

When mobile phones became the preferred gadgets to access the internet, most businesses were unprepared. This means that users had to go through all the trouble with the odd scrolling, zooming in and out trying to read the content. To be on the safe side, you should optimize your online content for mobile usage. Make everything including videos small enough that they can be played on mobile phones, and most importantly load fast.

Failure To Include A Call To Action

Customers want to read your content and at the end of everything, they expect you to tell them what to do. Not having an attractive bold call to action will lose the meaning of the content. Be as specific as possible in telling the customer what to expect when they click on a link. Location can give you extra points.

Failure To Segment The Market

Mobile marketing is all about segmentation. This is the identification of a target market and understanding the needs of the consumers. Most small business owners send mass messages to all their customers and end up impacting only a small percentage. You should understand different consumer needs for a better and effective mobile marketing campaign.