blogger-336371_1280By now, you’ve probably heard of the live streaming craze taking part in the world of social media. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat have exploded on the scene, making it easier for consumers to connect with brands through a different format, the live video. Unlike typical video marketing, live streaming is expected to be authentic and not heavily planned, meaning there are less production costs associated with it, and therefore easier to do. How do you as a small business owner take advantage of this live streaming trend and use it to market your company? Here are a few ways:

Broadcast events.

Are you throwing an event at your small business or even sponsoring one in the community? This is a perfect opportunity to market your business using live streaming. People who were unable to attend will be able to watch your stream and feel a connection to your brand, even though they’re not there in person. Having someone live stream an event will make your brand feel more human to consumers, helping build a strong relationship for the future.

Q&A session.

Do you work in a niche industry where expert advice is sought after? Use live streaming to host a Q&A session with your experts to answer commonly asked questions. Do you own a local spa? Feature an esthetician answering questions about keeping skin healthy during the hot and sweaty summer months. No matter the industry you’re in, there’s always a way to establish yourself and your employees as the go-to experts.

Sneak peek.

Consumers love feeling like they’re being given exclusive access to something, so that’s why they would love the idea of your small business giving them a behind the scenes look using live streaming. Are you a brick and mortar retail store? Give your live streaming audience a sneak peek of merchandise that just arrived to drum up interest and excitement. Are you renovating your space or moving locations? Live stream the progress being made to keep customers updated. There are a number of ways to use live streaming to show customers something they normally wouldn’t see, so be creative!

How to (fill in the blank).

Live streaming is a great way to show customers a helpful “how to” or product demo. What if your company doesn’t sell any products that can be demo’d? Be creative! Local bakeries can use live streaming to show customers how to decorate a cupcake. Fitness studios can show off helpful fitness routines you can do at home. Even if you don’t sell a complicated tool or technological product that requires intense instructions for set-up, there’s always a way to create a relevant tutorial using live streaming.

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