The frequent changes in technology have introduced new and revolutionary changes in marketing, especially for small business setups. Let us compare the old ways of marketing with the new ways and evaluate the impacts thereupon:

Today, the customer service has turned into the client engagement in a sense that earlier, the small businesses had to plan how much time they can give to the queries of customers in a day. At present, they are available 24 hours a day on the social media and generally can handle all the clients anytime. Their response has a direct impact on the mind of customers and it is very useful in making a good reputation. This is because everyone is in a hurry and wants an immediate response.

This is a great change that monologue messages have converted to dialogue nowadays. In older times, businesses would put advertisements on television, print media and billboards. Today, even small setups can have a dialogue with the customers directly and the credit goes to the social media sites. It does not seem that the company is marketing its business, but facilitating the customers and fixing their problems. This way, they learn a lot and follow the marketing strategy accordingly.

Today, the paper marketing has taken a turn of digital marketing. In the presence of SEO email marketing, eBook, content marketing and rest of digital ways, businesses do not require newspaper ads, pamphlets or magazine advertisements. Earlier, giving ad on television or radio was only affordable for big businesses, but now small business entities can also avail themselves of cost effective marketing campaigns.

Today, there is no need to create clever ads to hit the minds of the audience and generate high sales; rather it is more fruitful to provide the accurate relevant information to the customers. If they find what they were searching for, they remain in touch with the website. The main thing is to target their keyword search and then in view of that, provide the solution to their problem.

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