Almost every form of marketing has the main goal of targeting your target demographic or buyer persona in hopes of funneling them through your website to create leads and increase sales.lead generation

In a competitive industry, you have to be creating compelling content and sales copy that attracts potential customers to your site or business, which will help to put you ahead of your competitors.

Different tactics used by small and large businesses

Small businesses tend to have a smaller and local reach than large companies do. That doesn’t mean they can’t still market similarly to big businesses. However, small businesses can give a more personal approach to customers, whereas a big business may find it more difficult to address every potential customer on a personal basis.

Big businesses tend to have bigger budgets, so they can invest more in content marketing, which will bring in more leads. If you’ve ever downloaded a free e-book or signed up for a webinar and it included a form to fill out to get that content, whether you know it or not, you just became a lead for them. Hubspot is especially good at doing this as you can see in the example.

A small business can do local and grassroots campaigns to create brand awareness and get their business out there in front of their potential customers. A resourceful e-book that hasn’t been covered in your industry isn’t out of reach for any budget. If it is, rethink your budget. If there’s no budget, rethink your business.

Some different lead generation practices

Research what your potential customers are searching for online. Using keyword tools you can see how many times a month those main keywords are being searched. Build a list of relevant and converting keywords surrounding those keywords. Then build content on your site that mention those keywords, and as you build your brand you will begin to attract inbound marketing and leads.

When you can answer all the questions in your industry, people start sharing your information, Google, and other search engines start to see you as an authority in your industry. Create e-books, videos, infographics, blog posts, interviews, etc. using those keywords and use lead generation forms to build your e-mail list and leads.

Generating leads with a limited budget

Creating compelling content that is resourceful in your industry doesn’t need to be expensive. It is expensive once you bring in graphic designers to do infographics, whiteboard videos, and other interactive visuals. You can create a few relevant and resourceful blog posts each week (or hire someone else to do so if you want to focus on your business), and you will start to see an increase in traffic as users are starting to find your site. You can also check out these three steps to generating leads on your website.

So optimize your website with compelling content and sales copy where users can navigate through your site easily, and become a resource and authority in your industry to gain brand awareness and generate leads for your business.

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